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Day 28

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Day 28...another difficult day. No contact at all, have not spoken to him in over 2 weeks when he said it was over and moved on with another woman. I pray, go to church, and do my rosary every night as I promised god I would. I read my dares first thing in the morning and work on them throughout the day and then journal in the evening. I am not giving up on the hope that things will turn around but it is still difficult every day. I was having a rough morning after reading my devotions so I went for a walk just to clear my head and get some fresh air. He told his sister in law which is my best friend that he wants me to move on and find someone else. I don't want to move on or find anybody else, he is all I want along with God. He said that people don't change, but I have noticed such a difference in myself since starting this process. How will he see then changes if he never sees me or speaks to me? I'm trusting in God but its so hard....

  • Glad you found the journal section.  

    It does become hard.  but when you choose to put God way above your husband, not loving him less, but placing God even higher, peace in this trial will come.  

    He will justify himself by saying people don't change.  And it may not really be harder for him to notice the changes when you don't talk to him.  Because the dares have a way of showing changes in you without you having to point out your changes.  And he will see you standing for your marriage and that you are in kindness and patience where he would assume as most people would, be in anger and lashing out.

  • Others around you will also notice the changes in you.  And word will get back to your husband about the changes.  

    He's saying to find someone else so he can then put blame on you verses all the blame belong on him.

  • This all makes perfect sense.  I know I can't be the one to get through to him, only God can do this. I just pray for him when times get hard. I keep looking and praying for signs that he is working on it, but don't know what to look for. Love is patient and this is what I am trying to be.

  • I have the same problem, no contacet, God has it all under his control and we can lean on the love the we find in his gospel trusting in him in faith to work in us his plan. Don't worry about tomarow, today has enough trouble of its own.

  • People DO change. My wife was a very loving and forgiving person and something snapped and made her into a vicious person. That caused me change my outlook on life and change my life completely. I can attest that people can and do change.

    What some people also don't realize is that the Bible gives specific instructions for marriage. You can't just divorce and remarry because you feel like it. That's not God's plan.

    This process could take years and that's not a good thought. But God works in His time. We have to accept that.

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