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Day 56 – Love intercedes

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I prayed for my spouse’s heart this morning in these three specific areas:

1.      That the Lord God will soften her heart and replace all the bitterness with love for  Him.

2.      That she’ll find it in her heart to forgive me with all the pains and hurts I caused her.

3.      For my wife as well as me to be reminded  that He is always there in our marriage all these years,  and asking for forgiveness for both of us for forgetting that.  

Praying is now becoming easy and more natural for me after several months of doing it everyday.  Thanks be to God. 


  • Jr, I am reminded that the best way for her to come to this is yes, pray, pray, pay... BUT, untlimately, you may be the only Jesus she'll ever see that matters. There's an old song "You're the only Jesus" the chorus is:

    Your'e the only Jesus some will ever see

    And you're the only words of life, some will ever read

    So let them see in you the One in whom is all they'll ever need

    'Cause you're the only Jesus, some will ever see

    This is what Sean keeps telling us - the testimony of Christ living in and through us is the only way for others to know Him as real in our lives. I am so very painfully reminded of this even today as I realize how much smoke, fog clouds - however you want to describe it - I have formed by trying instead of trusting, holding on instead of letting God, so He can live in and through me. He must be the testimony, not for me to preach it, or lord it over my wife, not judge, but love.

    In this in prayer with you, my brother.


  • Stephen,

    Yes, I  agree with you that (one of) the best way for her to come to this is a lot of praying from me.  But knowing others  are  standing by me helps a lot  to inspire me to keep going.

    Thanks for giving me the song “"You're the Only Jesus".  I watched and listen to David Will sing it in Youtube -

    It is a beautiful and  inspiring song. Yes, it drove the point what Sean keeps on telling us -  that first and foremost  to try and  emulate Jesus because “You're the Only Jesus"  that others may see in this journey .  

  • A friend of mine and I were talking recently about how we pray  and he was saying how prayer is a two-way conversation, and God would like us to give Him a chance to talk too.  He said that after praying I should sit in silence and meditate, in a way to show God that I am listening to what He has to say.  So, last night for the first time after praying, I sat in silence, meditating on what I just prayed for, on what I’ve been studying lately, how I conducted myself this week, on my Love Dare journey and symbolically “listened” to God speak to me.  My intention is to meditate after each nightly prayer for the same length of time as my prayer.  For me, prayer is best part of my day!  

  • Jr.

    I have pointed this out to others. When you pray for her, pray for your heart first. Pray that you are praying for her without any manipulation. That your heart is true. Please, understand... I am not in anyway, saying your not. But I want to make sure, because I did it myself at one time.

    When you pray for these things, are they truly for her? or deep down is it because if those prayers are blessed it will fix things between the 2 of you?

    We must be very careful in our prayers. Because sometimes we con ourselves. Living in the flesh and the world so long, it becomes second nature sometimes.

    So here is an important question. On day 20, did you with a pure heart complete this dare? If you have, have you each and everyday prayed for her salvation? If not, Why? This is the most important prayer you can pray for her.

    Which brings me to our testimonies. This is the purpose of them. We need to help grow Gods Kingdom... And I thank you guys for pointing out that my words have been doing what they are intended to do....

    Not only will we be the only word or testimony to some, but it is your testimony that will lead others to Christ. It will be your testimony that show others what they have so long were seeking but did not quite know what it was. It is Christs peace and love within you that shines through you testimony.

  • There was always selfishness in my heart every time I pray for her.  I always ask for God to soften her heart  because I know that  if her heart is soften  then  she will come to forgive me.   If she forgave me, then that will fix things between us.  Very selfish, indeed!  Lord God, please forgive me.  From here onward,  I’ll pray first that  You will give me a pure heart  before praying for her  so that my prayer  for her  will be for her alone and her salvation and nothing more.  Thank you, Sean, for pointing this out and making   me realized about a very big shortcoming on my part.

    First time I did Day 20, I admit that I was not aware that it was an  acceptance prayer for Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior.  When I got my marriage mentor on Day 35, she  made it very clear to me and made me accept Jesus again.   Yes, I accepted Jesus Christ with all my heart.  

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