Collaborate without boundaries
  • Day 39

    I completed my letter but I haven't been able to get it to him. I guess I could mail it or swing by his house and drop it off when I know he's at work. Here it is if anyone would like to make suggestion. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE...
  • Day 38

    I woke up this morning feeling great. I was reading the dare for today ready to take action when I get a phone call letting me know that eviction notice was going to coming soon. I called my husband to let him know what was going on and we had a heated...
  • Day 37

    I prayed last night that God moves into my husbands heart and instills love in all things. I woke up to husband texting me around midnight while at work wanting to know if we were still having lunch and what time and place would like to meet. We made...
  • Day 36

    I open the Bible to a random page every night and read. I also read the Love Dare everyday. I didn't ask my husband to join me: 1. we live apart from each other and with his schedule it would be almost impossible. 2. my husband is not a praying man...
  • Day 35

    I have joined an online community of others in my situation. We share stories and generate advice. We also share in prayers. I have also been seeing a counselor for awhile now. My husband called me today to tell me he got job offer and he was taking it...
  • Day 34

    I called husband to thank him for giving me financial support throughout our separation. I asked how his interview went on Friday for new job and he said he hadn't heard anything yet. I told him I had faith in him and that a better opportunity will...
  • Day 33

    I went to court this morning for a legal separation but it was denied for second time because husband didn't show up. He is willingly giving me maintenance and child support right now but he lures it over me all time how he can stop anytime he wants...
  • Day 32

    So I didn't see my husband at all today. But I sent him a sexy photo and asked if he would like company this evening.
  • Day 31

    I really never had a problem with "leaving" My problem was that I invested too much in him. Or so he said. I was way too clingy and needy never had a social life outside of him.
  • Day 30

    After yesterday (being intimate with husband) I found myself up all night thinking negative thoughts. For example how can he be intimate with me but say that he has no desire to work on our marriage or towards reconciling. Finally early this morning I...
  • Day 29

    I woke up this morning and I prayed for my husband. I decided to call him early knowing that he will be sleeping. (I was actually hoping I would get voicemail) but I didn't he answered. I continued to say say I was sorry for waking him up but I was...
  • Day 28

    I called my husband and left voicemail telling him to have a good day and asked if there was anything I could do for him to make it easier on him
  • Day 27

    I left voicemail for my husband: Good morning I hope you didn't work too hard last night. I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry for expecting you to carry the burden of work and all the stress it caused you without ever showing you how much...
  • Day 26

    My husband came over for breakfast and to see the kids. We had good time. I asked if he would like to join me outside for some conversation he said ok. I gave him a hug and he hesitated a little. I asked him if he was uncomfortable with giving me hug...
  • Day 25

    On my way to church I called husband to invite to lunch again. He said he was busy maybe some other time. I told him that I understand his reasons for separation and that I forgive him for everything and I hoped he could forgive me as well. He called...
  • Day 24

    I have been busy so I was unable post. I "lust" an emotional and sexual connection with my husband. I have always enjoyed being intimate with my husband more so than he realized. I can never get enough. I never strayed from him but I did put...
  • Day 23

    So today I started Chantix to quit smoking. It was always an issue in household because family has asthma.
  • Day 22

    I texted (only form of communication) my husband this morning: I love you and will continue to love you no matter the circumstances. It's a choice I make today and every day in the future.
  • Day 21

    Last night I read Psalm 23 and felt a relief come over me as I laid my head down to sleep. I went to sleep right away which is rare for me, usually I lay in bed thinking of how my husband isn't beside me and loneliness sets in. I woke up to my husband...
  • Day 20

    Again I prayed that God give me strength to get through the dares. Also to follow him on my journey to enlightenment. I pray that my marriage be made whole and my husband to find happiness. I pray that through the happiness he opens his heart and finds...
  • Day 19

    I have found that most of the dares were hard considering we are separated. I put my trust in God and continued doing what I felt was right. Through the ups and downs of him wavering back and forth over contact and blocking me, I have managed to do the...
  • Day 18

    I was dreading doing today's dare especially after how I felt last night. I prayed this morning before I left for church and I had this feeling overwhelm to just call him and him invite him to lunch after church. I called him and said that I was going...
  • Day 17

    My daughter had surgery on wed. and she invited her dad over to house tonight to see her. I talked to him earlier in week and we made plans for me to make dinner and invite our oldest son and his girlfriend also so we can have a family dinner. Husband...
  • Day 16

    so yesterday I prayed for my husband to find forgiveness in his heart, for God to lead him back to marriage and family, and for husband to peace and understanding.
  • Day 15

    So yesterday my daughter had surgery and I was at hospital for 12 hours. For my dare today: The most honorable thing I could think of was wish him a good morning and hoped he had a peaceful night at work. I then proceeded to give him an update on our...
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