Collaborate without boundaries
  • Day 8

    So burning the negative list was easy. However in self reflection I found that I am jealous (envious) of many character traits my husband has. I found out that I am an emotional roller coaster and envy his strength to put 23 years of marriage behind without...
  • Day 7

    Today I texted my husband; Thank you for always being supportive in my endeavors, especially my decision to go back to school. Finally it is paying off and I am looking forward to my new career. Even now in our trials you are being supportive by showing...
  • Day 6

    I vow to spend less time on TV and computer and more time focusing on my husband and family. I also thought about my recent over reaction namely yesterday, when he said he looked in to a divorce. I decided that I am going to give him space to think about...
  • Day 5

    I called my husband and asked what 3 things cause him to be uncomfortable or irritated with me? His Response- In the marriage it was my controlling, mood swings and do not care attitude. He then told me that he looked into a divorce yesterday and I lost...
  • Day 4

    I knew my husband was working on fixing a friend's electric today so I called him and asked him how it was coming along. he said ok. I asked him if he would like me to bring him something to eat or if there was anything else i could do for him. He...
  • Day 3

    Today I sent my husband a Egift card to Burger King with a note that says "Stop and get yourself breakfast on me on your way home from work" He works nights.
  • Day 2

    So I texted my husband the following: I know how hard it is for you to go to work everyday to a job that doesn't appreciate you and takes a physical toll on your health. I know it may seem like no one notices. I wanted to let you that I see and I...
  • Day 1

    I started yesterday on the DARES. With day one I talked to husband on phone and was all positive energy. I even invited him to a family outing this weekend, we are separated.
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