Collaborate without boundaries

Day 30

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After yesterday (being intimate with husband) I found myself up all night thinking negative thoughts. For example how can he be intimate with me but say that he has no desire to work on our marriage or towards reconciling. Finally early this morning I decided that way of thinking was only hurting me so I told God that I was going to leave it in his hands and there must be a reason for it working this way. I asked him to give me peace and strength to move forward. When I got up this morning and read the dare I immediately began to think maybe what happened was his way of telling me we are working towards "Unity". I pray today that my negativity be pushed aside and that I follow through on what he telling me to do. I pray that we are united as God intended and we both find a "rebirth" through him.

  • Remember this the next time you have negative thoughts.  To choose to let them go.  Stay in the positive room.  

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