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Reviewing the good and bad

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This morning is day 7....writing the good and bad attributes of my husband. It was painful to write the negative things down. The positive things had no connection with me...its more of him as a person towards others. I guess it's from the disconnect between us. I hope and pray to write a new list by the end of our that displays more intimate strongholds. 


Yesterday I found and bought the "Kingdom Marriage" book. I also bought "One More Try" by Gary Chapman. Look forward to reading everyday with my morning breakfast routine. God bless!

  • Especially right now, don't look at the disconnect between you two, and how the positives have no connection between you too.  Because especially right now keep in mind this is a journey between you and Christ not you and him.  

    When you seek out the connection between you and him right  now, you are setting yourself up for disappointments in your expectations.  so, for now, have  no expectations of him or the marriage and keep seeking Christ.

    Yes, the goal is to fix the marriage, but leave that in God's hands.  And make the first goal to grow in Christ.  And work on that.

  • Ditto on what Tim said.

    Make sure, no matter what, that you keep God as number one in your life under any and all circumstances. Don't try to make waves by yourself. Be silent, be still. I can tell you from my experience that your words and certain actions will be used against you but if you are true to God and follow his ways things will have a much better chance of working out. God can do it. You can't. Neither can I. I have learned that the hard way.

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