Collaborate without boundaries
  • Day 18

    So I must be honest this was probably the day I was most worried about but it all went quite smoothly. Although we didn't speak as much as I was hoping to it all went quite according to plan. We did not speak about the d at all. We just had a nice...
  • Day 17

    So I got home last night after work. We didn't really speak but before bed time she came to me and said there are so many things that she wants to say but she knows I want to get rid of the past. I told her that there is no problem I am more than...
  • Day 15 and 16

    Day 15: At first went smoothly. We didn't really communicate during the day but when we both got home in the evening I went and sat down with her trying to make conversation and listening to her as intently as I could and then brought the d up again...
  • Day 14

    Day 14 was a failure for me. I had to go out of town for my father in law and it took much longer than anticipated so I only got home in the evening. When I got home my wife was not at home so I carried on doing some of the chores around the house. When...
  • Day 13 - Done

    today was not an easy day at all. I saw that my wife finally took down our large wedding photo that was up in our dining room. I felt like I was hit by a bus when I saw that. The pain was unimaginable. I decided to take the root of setting up my own argument...
  • Day 12 - done

    Today went by quite smooth. We hardly spoke but at least there was something small that I had the opportunity to give into for her. I hope this was noticed as it really wasn't anything major. Luckily no fights although she gave one jab again but I...
  • Day 11 - Done

    Well day 11 went by quite smoothly. I don't think she even noticed what I really did. Hope she might of and rather just held herself in though. Not much for me to say today. God bless you all.
  • Day 10

    I have done day 10. It went fairly well. She didn't just blow it away as usual but I can still feel us moving further and further apart from each other. Every time she talks to me though it is as she wants to start fighting and that really is getting...
  • Day 9 - Done and will be continued

    Today was a very hard day. My wife came back from her trip and I felt it would be nice to have a bunch of flowers in her room when she came back(Not today's dare I know) and when she called me later on asking if I put them there I said yes she very...
  • Day 8 done

    So I woke up to a message from her about something that was said before Christmas by one of her family members. This felt like it set me back 10 steps again (I did not say anything wrong but she does not appreciate me talking to her family) and I quite...
  • Day 7 - I did it

    It feels like weeks that I been busy with the LD and it is only day 7. Glad to say that week one is done and that I have learned so much about myself already and where I need to make changes. I did today's dare and was very surprised on just how easy...
  • Day 6 and still confused

    So today took a while to get to as I was running some errands and doing some things for my wife that she requested and all in all I think I handled it quite well. I took on all the errands she asked me to do without any complaints and even did more than...
  • Day 5 - Done

    Well this one caught me by surprise. While reading what the dare was I thought to myself that it would be a piece of cake. Well it wasn't. I didn't know how to initiate the question at 1st but luckily by the grace of God an opportunity arose that...
  • Day 4 and very confused

    Before I start I need to say that after Tim gave me advice and after reading a Journal he suggested it came to me that I too started this journey with selfish intent. I have made up my mind and have made right with God by putting him first, before my...
  • So far... not so good.

    I am busy with day 3 Today. I understand that patience is a virtue but day 1 went unnoticed and day 2 went by with only ridicule. We had a chat again last night and it took everything in me not to let anything negative slip, even after she told me that...
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