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Day 18

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So I must be honest this was probably the day I was most worried about but it all went quite smoothly.

Although we didn't speak as much as I was hoping to it all went quite according to plan. We did not speak about the d at all. We just had a nice dinner (it was quite delicious if I may say so myself) and we had a bit of small talk without any arguments or negativity at all.

She did say it was nice more than once as well.

God bless you all.

  • Thank the Lord for days like that. I have them sometimes too and it is refreshing. But, it may make you feel more comfortable and forget what you are doing. Remain true to God and thank Him for days like this.

    "The LORD is good to all, And His mercies are over all His works."

    Psalm 145:9

  • As Eddie said, God surely knows and gives us these days to give us refreshment.  And  like Eddie said it can bring us to looking for this comfort instead of Gods' comfort.  

    Remember this.  The dares that seem the hardest often aren't.  yet, when you do the dares you think are scary or hard, these are the  dares you grow the most in. Because these are the dares you had to trust God the  most in.  

    in the days ahead, the d talk may lesson.  and that is good. But for a time if she escalates the d talk, bite your tongue and  open your ears.

    And  sit on your  hands and plant your feet.  If there is movement, let it be from her.  (Not talking literally, but you get the idea.)

  • (I am not  saying  I think she will escalate the d talk.  Those talks are draining. But when we feel drained, that is when we are most open and have the most room for God to come into our lives.  God works in all circumstances.  Keep letting Him.)

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