Collaborate without boundaries

Day 15 and 16

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Day 15: At first went smoothly. We didn't really communicate during the day but when we both got home in the evening I went and sat down with her trying to make conversation and listening to her as intently as I could and then brought the d up again. Asking me what I plan on taking etc. Then she told me that she wants to be friends but I need to realize it will never be more than than. This hit me very hard for some reason but instead of lashing back at her I quietly got into my car and went for a drive. 

When I got back she very badly wanted to know where I was (I drove around for about 3 hours) and when I told her I went for a drive she lashed out at me saying I didn't just drive, who did I go and have coffee with... I was speechless and just calmly kept to the truth. She got mad shut my door and went to her room. 


Day 16: Well I was out of town the whole day and once again we didn't have any communication during the day. I got home, greeted her and then pretty much carried on doing some chores at home. We haven't spoken again. I have been praying for her for a while now already so I will just continue with that.


God bless you all.

  • I don't get the jealousy. Maybe I don't get women at all.

    My wife also says she wants to be friends. I'm not sure how they think it's that easy. We know that the Bible says marriage is for life so we must be faithful and stick to that. No matter what they say or do. I say if anything is going to lead to a d then it HAS to be them that does it. We just continue to love unconditionally until they obey the Bible or they depart into the world.

    I like the idea of praying for her when not speaking to her. Maybe we all should do more of that. Pray more, talk less. Let God do all the work.

    "So let God work his will in you. Yell a loud no to the Devil and watch him scamper."

    James 4:7

  • Did you show unity and let her know you were going for a drive?  Of course she is going to let her heart lead her and think the worse.  The opposite of how the dares teach you to lead your heart and that love believes the best.  

    Also clear your head in prayer even as you drive.

    She will bring up the d to continue justifying herself.  let that talk be handled by Christ.  

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