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Day 11 - Done

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Well day 11 went by quite smoothly.

I don't think she even noticed what I really did. Hope she might of and rather just held herself in though.

Not much for me to say today.


God bless you all.

  • I think our spouses often notice more than they let on.  Even if she didn't realize what you did, the important thing is you did the dare and it led you closer to Christ.  And also, doing the dare molds you to love as Christ loves, and even if she doesn't notice all the dares you do, she notices the molding in you that's taking place.

    When she throws the past at you, you listen, don't worry about justifying yourself, don't throw out excuses of why you acted that way, just be still and bite your tongue.  sometimes it gets so hard to do so you feel like you are going to burst.  but a quick tongue will do damage where listening ears can dampen the wrath.  Just be still during these times she lashes out.  she will be able to tell you every little detail of every little thing you did.  Don't counter with anything especially all the things she did that was not right.  

  • Consider the days where there isn't much to report good days.  And otten these are days God has moved more in our spouse and us too.   Thank God that in the day extra stress wasn't hurled at you.  

  • As long as you're leading your heart you are doing great. Do it for God not for your wife. She will reap the benefits of your devotion to Jesus.

    "The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."

    Exodus 14:14

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