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Ok so the dare for today is seeking a mentor or counselor.  I had just touched on this yesterday.  The counselor I found through my employee assistance program is a marriage and family counselor but I'm not sure she is a Christian.  She is aware that I want reconciliation but i don't know what her and my husband talk about.  My husband was supposed to have another individual session with the counselor last night.  I was at work so there is no way for me to know if he went witthout me asking and I'm not sure I want to ask.  I do wonder because he posted something on social media right about he time the session was supposed to start.  Later, he posted a pic of himself playing pool.  I know he was supposed to pick up our son from a basketball game so he may have been killing time but I wonder who took the photo.  It wasn't a selfie.  He knew I would see it.  Is he testing me?  Is God testing me?  Can I ask about his counseling session?  Can I ask who took the photo?  

I do not have anyone in my life that I would consider a strong Christian person that could mentor me.  I just started going to Church again but haven't met many people.  I'm going to a meeting tomorrow to meet the Pastor and decide whether to become a member.  My Mom and sisters are non believers.  I only have one close friend but she's also a non believer and has already expressed that I should get an attorney and open my own bank account.  She's going through a divorce right now so she's a little jaded.  I have a couple of Women in mind but haven't spoken to either of them in years.  Kind of awkward asking for a mentorship from one of them?! 

I've really yearned for a mentor this entire time but I don't know where to turn.  This site is great but I feel I need someone who lives close to me or someone I have greater access to.  Thoughts?  



  • When you meet with the pastor, and if you choose to join the church, ask if they have a marriage ministry or he can recommend a mentor, or maybe he would have time to mentor.  

    Keep standing in this journey, not only for your marriage and to honor God, but to be a testimony to all the non believers.

  • I was going to say the same thing that Tim said.  When you meet with Pastor ask him.  I did with the church I attend and he paired me up with one of the Elders who I ended up meeting with once a week for a few months.  I still talk to him every week or two even now and ask for prayers when I am on my downward spiral.  He is more than able to help.  Him and his wife have done marriage counseling for couple for a long time, not licensed, but in the biblical format.   Standing firm in the midst of your trials is a fruit of the Spirit. -Galatians 5:22

    We love our sister in Christ and we will support you as much as we can through this site.

  • Hey Elk.  It is important that you get a Christian counselor.  I have had many  different councelors over the years but the Christian counselor will help with biblical direction to your problems.  Regular counselors do not use the Bible as their guide and a lot of times will not consider your faith as your motivating factor.  And just because the counselor may be a Christian does not make them a Christian Counselor.

  • Thanks everyone.  I met with an elder and they have referred me to a licensed therapist in the Church.  I'm going to set up a meeting with her.  I immediately felt peace with it.  Not sure if I'll go to the other counselor again or not yet.  I'll post more in another journal entry.  Thank you all.

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