There has been a lot happening in the last month or so since this site stopped cooperating. I hope everyone is doing well. A couple guys got my email and we stay in touch. I need the support because life just doesn't seem to be getting any better even though I totally focus on God. 

Amber hasn't changed at all. Still with the affair partner and it's been almost ten months since the divorce. The four oldest kids still live with me and I'm trying to get full custody of the two youngest also but she keeps getting the court date postponed. She tries really hard to be in the kids lives but she always says or does something that makes them want to avoid her. She still blames me for that. She controls us financially because she doesn't pay support for all the kids who live with me full time. She won't remove my name from our mortgage so I'm stuck in a tiny house with all those kids. It's a real nightmare that she doesn't seem to care about. I continue to pray every morning and every evening for her, for the boyfriend and for her parents who support her adultery wholeheartedly. I pray for everyone on this website also. I hope God blesses your marriages and softens the hearts of your spouses.