Well, Nick (15) had court yesterday. His follow-up for truancy since custody was awarded to me on 12/27/18. We got there a little bit early and I was asked to come speak to the school board worker, social worker and guardian ad litem. They asked me how he was doing in school and in the middle of the conversation Amber walks in and interrupts me. I paused, let her speak, and resumed when she was finished. Then she interrupted me again, so I paused, listened to her say things that she really has no idea about, then started again once she was finished. Then, once again, she interrupted me. I looked at the people there, rolled my eyes, and walked out of the room. Nick asked me what happened and I told him they were asking me questions about how he was doing in school and I couldn't answer their questions properly because Amber kept interrupting and that's why I walked out of the room.

Amber stood there in front of those people and talked like nothing at all was going on. Like what has happened to our family didn’t happen. Like she never beat our son. Like everything in the world is fine. It’s simply amazing to watch a person function like this. I’m totally and completely perplexed by this woman. I don’t know how she functions on a daily basis. She has blocked out the entire world around her and acts as if it revolves around her.

Trinity (14) was there. She said when Amber got there she asked her if she wanted to ride home with her and Trinity said no. Trinity said she looked like she was going to cry. I said that sucks but it’s not our concern because Amber’s actions have caused her own suffering and has nothing to do with us.

I did have to drop Trinity off at Amber’s so she could do some chores. She gets her fingernails done every few weeks and Amber pays for it and requires her to do chores to pay off the debt. While she was there she said Amber asked her if I was moving. Trinity told her yes and she then asked Trinity if she was going with me. Trinity told her yes she was. Then Amber said she was also going to move and take Aleigha (11) and Allison (6) with her. I don’t know why she assumes she is going to get custody of the girls because I am not willing to ever be away from my children, like I told her when she started this divorce nonsense. I’m going to have to start a Go Fund Me page to raise money to take my children from this woman who, it appears, is never going to see the light. I don’t want to do that but the kids have told me that Amber still hasn’t stopped abusing them. I can’t just sit back and allow this to happen.

Becca (16) made a nail appointment for this Friday after school for herself and Trinity. When her mother found out she told Becca she still hasn’t paid off the last time she got them done. A few days ago Becca had to take her mother’s boyfriend’s car and clean it but her mother said she didn’t do a good enough job. That was actually funny because I told the kids that she was going to say that before she did. And Amber thinks I don’t know her very well. HA.