Some good. Some bad.

Yesterday I was logging into my online banking to do my February budget and it said my user ID was invalid. It's for the mortgage and credit card I am still on seven months after divorce, but I like to keep track of them to make sure she pays them like she was court ordered to do. So I call the bank and ask them what's going on. They said the information has been changed to her information but it's still associated with my social security number. I said "Well I have to know what's affecting my credit" and changed it all back to my information. This has always been my online banking and I let her use it to simplify the payment process. I have no idea what possessed her to change it because everything was actually going very smoothly. Then late last night she texted me for the first time in three months and was really mad and said I can't do that, blah blah blah. I actually can do that and I was really confused as to why she would think it's okay for her to change things and it's wrong when I do it. I really panicked. I could think of a million things to say but 999,999 of them were negative so the only thing I did was send her a link to a sermon I had just watched about the prodigal son, because she IS the prodigal son.

Then something happened that I feel like is a landslide victory, at least for me. My sixteen year old said she asked her if I was using the devotional planner she got me for Christmas. Some remote part of her mind is thinking about me. I do use it as a prayer guide for her.