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January 24, 2019

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Well the last week has been somewhat horrible. I just can't get past this. There has been no contact with Amber for almost three months. I refuse to talk to her still because she's with the guy she cheated on me with. Last weekend she pulled the stunt of letting Becca (16), who has had her driver's license for one month, drive an hour away in the snow to get a boy to bring back and spend the night at her house. I was furious then and I still am because it's just ridiculous. She would have never allowed this three years ago. She's not the same person. I seriously consider demonic possession. There's no way a person changes this much without some paranormal explanation.

Yesterday Caleb (18) told me he was going to go get something to eat but didn't inform me it was with his mother. I wouldn't have cared as long as the boyfriend wasn't there but it really bothers me that he lied to me. When he got back he told me what he did and said he got $300 from his mother to pay for his senior trip. He asked her for the money a couple days ago and she said they could talk about it if he went to dinner with her. She had to bribe him to spend time with her.

There has been no repentance on her part and she still thinks she has done nothing wrong and still says I am manipulating the children. I just don't know what to do. When I asked the kids to move in with her a few weeks ago to put us all in a better financial situation they all said no. I can't make them spend time with her but she thinks I am preventing it. Every day I pray for her. I pray for wisdom. I pray for something to come between us so we can at least work together for the sake of the kids but I fear what she has done to them has become irreversible. 

I spoke with my attorney a couple weeks ago and he is supposed to be filing something with the court to change the $2,700 adoption subsidy to me since the Nick (15) and Trinity (14) live with me full time and Aleigha (11) and Allison (6) are with me every other week. I have the adopted children 75% of the time but currently she gets all them money for them and doesn't give me a dime. I can't survive financially like this much longer. She is also being accused of contempt because she hasn't attempted to refinance anything in my name and that prevents me from being able to buy a house or anything else I need to provide for our children. She also hasn't given me the portion of her 401(k) I'm entitled to or the 9mm pistol she has that belongs to me. This all sucks because it pretty much guarantees she will hate me for the rest of our lives but I have to do what is best for our children.

  • how do you all get this site to work?  I can rarely even read an entry.  I have emailed the church that hosts this site twice.  I got one response back saying he'd let the person know who's in charge of the site that it's having problems.  If I can, I will call tomorrow to let them know.  If everyone else can call and email that may help.  Just let them know how much we all appreciate the site.  I'll see if this posts and then try to respond to other entries including this one.

  • Didn't Jesus talk to the woman at the well who was married 5 times?  If he can do that, then show kindness and talk to her.  We all sin and we can't cut everyone off that sins, or we'd live alone, work alone, and die alone.  You have to get past talking to her is not accepting her sin.  in fact, through your kindness she will see Jesus's light and that light is what will bring her to repentance much more than you shunning her.

  • You're right Tim but I'm so scared that anything I say will be used in court. That's the way the last year has been. I'm terrified of this woman.

    This site has been a nightmare in the last month. I have to try over and over and over for hours to get anything to load.

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