Collaborate without boundaries

January 16, 2019

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I continue to pray for my ex. What God will do is beyond me. The things I hear are so disheartening. Becca (16) told me her mother said she's still friends with me on Facebook because she's trying to be nice. I told Becca that if she was nice she wouldn't have cheated on and divorced me, all for another guy. I definitely shouldn't have said that. Last night Allison (6) asked me why I married mommy. I told her because I loved her. She asked me if I still loved her and I said yes I do to which she replied "I don't think she loves you." I told her mommy is just confused. Maybe not the best answer but this is something I was not prepared for in life and I feel a strong urge to teach the children that their mother did something wrong and has made a mistake. I can't let them think is is acceptable to just leave your spouse because you want to or that cheating is permissible, because it's not. Aleigha (11) said her mom was trying to throw out the Christmas decorations that had anything with me on them. She ended up putting them on the tree after her mom left the room. So disheartening.

There's still no communication between us. She told Becca that she wishes I would talk to her. She wants to be friends but I can't be friends with her because she insists on continuing her adulterous affair. The Bible says if you go through certain steps to turn a brother or sister back to God and they refuse then you treat them like a heathen or tax collector and don't even eat with them. Yesterday Nick (15) asked me if I could ever get remarried. I told him I'm not thinking about that right now but I'm really not 100% sure I have the biblical right. He asked the same for Amber and I told him as far as I know she does not, but I'm not her judge. She will have to settle that with God one day. I just have to keep on praying for both of us.

  • Eddie, we are called as Christians to model Christ to the world. Does God despair? I don't hear hope. Love hopes all things, believes all things, love never fails. If you choose love there can be no room for hate or strength by His leading and with His will. . even anger, but forgiveness flows from the new heart the God has given us. remember in Romans 5, that hope is hard won and bought with our own blood sweat and tears work done in His Don't give up in your heart. Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks

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