Something I don't understand:

My ex hates me sure, I get it. She blames me for everything. Even makes up things about me. I can deal with it because I know the truth and I'm a mature adult. What I don't get is this:

1) When our eighteen year old physically pushed his mom down and told her to fix her family she told him he was crazy.

2) When our eleven year old was talking about suicide her mom said if she spent more time with her she wouldn't be thinking like that.

3) When our fifteen year old was talking about suicide his mom said "My God I guess I'll leave work," but she didn't.

4) When our sixteen year old sent her mom a text saying "Stay out of our lives" her mom told her not to disrespect her and said I put our daughter up to that.

5) When our fifteen year old told social workers he feels lonely at his mom's house because the other kids live with me she said "That's not true. I have the two little girls every other week."

Is all of this associated with limerence? Dismissing your own children's feelings? How does she not see what is happening to her children?