I met with Nick's (15) teachers yesterday. They all updated me on where he is in their classes. They asked me why I let him miss so much school last semester and I told them I haven't seen the kid much in the last six months because I've been fighting to get custody of him which finally happened on December 27th. I showed them pictures of the abuse he endured at the hands of his adoptive mother and told them he no longer has to worry about that because he is safe with me. They said it all makes sense now because for the last two weeks everything about him has changed and they were wondering why. One of his teachers started crying and shook my hand and said "Thank God he has you in his life." So far this kid has done a complete 180 and the teachers were impressed. They said they were going to close the IEP, which is this quarterly meeting he has been doing for the last two years, since the day he was beaten. The last thing on earth I wanted to do was expose his mother because I still think she can change but I have come face to face with the reality that that may never happen and I can't let my kids continue to suffer. Then we met with his social worker after that and he was very impressed with the changes in the last two weeks. He said once all these good reports get back to the court it is highly likely they are going to drop the "safety plan" probably within the next two months. All of this is going to make his mother look horrible. We still have to meet with his attorney before the next hearing on February 4th since he told her about his mother's abuse and he still has to have a psych eval done on January 31st, where he will likely tell the psychologist about the abuse also. At some point somebody has to stand up and attempt to put a stop to this. I begged her for years to go to therapy and get help but she always said she doesn't have a problem and that I'm the crazy one but I just can't ignore the danger to my kids any longer.

The other kids are doing good this week. They still have little contact with their mother and it's crazy because I couldn't afford to go to the grocery store this week and they have just been digging in the cupboard for anything they can find when all they would have to do is call their mother and go to her, but they won't. They would rather starve. At this point nothing I say will change their mind either. I've told them to go live with her and they continually say no way. I just pray that my attorney gets the financial situation changed soon. These kids and I have stuck by each other's side since the beginning of this and I HATE that they have suffered because of me and even more because of their mother. My kids never ever deserved any of this.

I think back to a day when she said to me that it was too traumatic for the kids to continue to witness us arguing. (Looking back i believe that was one of her excuses for justifying her affair. She had to have a reason and using the kids makes the most sense.) If she could see their trauma then I don't understand how in the world she doesn't see their suffering now because it is tenfold. She and her mom and stepdad just continue on, thinking this is perfectly acceptable and I've heard them acknowledge that the kids are using them and only coming around when they need something. They are right but they never ask WHY??? Why are the kids using them? The answer is because they have all done a terrible thing and ripped their family apart unnecessarily but that answer eludes them.