This weekend couldn't have went any worse if it were a nightmare.

My two youngest went back to their mother for a week so I already miss them.

Then Becca (16) asked me if she could spend the night at a boys house. I said NO! She argued for a while but I told her NO. After that she said she was going to go to her mother's to wash her clothes to save me laundromat money. Later that evening Aleigha (11) texted me and said Becca was with that guy alone. I called Becca and sure enough she was. I asked her why and she said her mom called the guy's dad and it was okay. I told her that it IS NOT okay because I said NO. She was driving her mother's boyfriend's car, which to me seems like an insurance nightmare all together if something happens. I told her that her mother's ethics are highly questionable since she did cheat on me with a married man and everyone involved ended up divorced. She's also beat her brother into the emergency room and has recently abused him again, bought him alcohol (he's 15) and let him smoke weed at her house. I told Becca that my authority must override anything her mother tells her and to get home ASAP. So she went back to her mother's but then more trouble started.

She asked me if she could spend the night with a friend. I said that would be fine. Later that evening I checked her location and it said she was at her friend's house. Then five minutes later her friend's mom called me and said Becca's phone was at her house but Becca was not there. Turns out Becca was at her mother's house and told me she did that because she was afraid I would be mad at her for being there, which doesn't make a bit of sense because I would NEVER keep the children from their mother. I do tell them they are not allowed to participate in things when her mom's boyfriend is there because I feel I have every right as a Christian father to keep my children away from a sinful situation. I can't, in good conscience, allow them to think that adultery is acceptable in any circumstance. The kids 100% have the option of moving in with their mother if they do not want to follow my rules and staying away form that situation is one of my rules.

I told Becca that if she wants to pull stuff like this she can pack her things and go live with her mother because I'm not going to be responsible for her getting raped or worse and I will NOT be lied to. She said she does not want to move in with her mother and she will obey me from now on. Becca is as much of a divorce statistic as you can imagine. She's doing everything I warned Amber she would do when I was begging her to reconsider divorce.

Later that evening when Becca was dropped off my two youngest came in and hugged me. They were crying and said they wanted to stay with me. They said all their mother did all weekend was talk bad about me. I just don't get it. I haven't done anything wrong. I'm the good guy. It's obvious because my kids are desperate to be with me even though I can't financially support them right now. I've said I feel like I'm at the end of my rope for a while now and I just don't know how much longer I can hold on. I still woke up this morning and got on my knees and prayed for Amber but this is all getting to be too much, even for me.