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January 3, 2019

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I need massive prayers today!

I am meeting with my attorney later today. It's been six months since she forced divorce on me and I have been struggling emotionally, of course, but also financially because: The court awarded her the adoption subsidy we receive for adopting our four youngest kids ($2,700/month) whom she got paper custody of and she has to pay me $1,100/month child support for our two older kids whom I got paper custody of. The court also gave the four oldest kids the option of living with whichever parent they choose. The four oldest have all chosen to live with me while the two youngest are court ordered to live with me 50% of the time, every other week. She got our 6 bedroom 4,000 sq ft house in the divorce so I rent a 3 bedroom 1,200 sq ft house because it's the only option I have. I can't buy a house because she has not attempted to refinance any of our debt to get it out of my name so the seven of us are crammed into this place like sardines while she lives in that big house alone every other week. (Funny thing last year our son- 17 at the time- told her he hopes she is happy living in that big house all by herself.) It's like he was predicting the future.

I DO NOT want to do this. I want her to just come to God and see everything for what it is but I have no choice. I can't financially raise six children on my own while she pockets all the adoption subsidy. I have to take her back to court to get the money necessary to take care of the children.

So, because she has done nothing for six months, my attorney is going to see about holding her in contempt of court for the following reasons:

She has not attempted to refinance anything with my name on it ($275,000 mortgage, three credit cards with a total balance of $20,000, a $5,000 personal loan) All things she took responsibility for in order to get rid of me so she could be with the AP. I have refinanced everything I got that had her name on it.

She has not given me the portion of her 401(k) that she agreed to.

She has not given me one of my firearms that was court ordered.

This is all a step backwards in any reconciliation scenario but I have been living on a credit card for months now and I can't survive two more months.

  • hang in there Eddie, you don't know just what pressure the lord will use to bring her to repentance. God will meet your needs and you will be overflowing with every good thing, but you must let go of the grudge you are holding against your wife.

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