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December 28, 2018

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I don't know how things typically work out in these situations but I don't think mine is typical. This just gets more insane every day.

I got custody of Nick (15) yesterday after court. About one year ago Caleb (18) told his mother that he hopes she will be happy living in our big house all by herself. Well as of last night I had all six of our children crammed in my tiny rental house while she was alone in her big house. (Well, maybe her affair partner was there to console her.) She has now essentially traded her lover for her children.

I walked into the room yesterday to attend the meeting concerning Nick before court. He was sitting beside me and his mother was a few seats away. I honestly didn't want to be in the same room as her. I looked her way at one point and made eye contact. That instance flooded me once again with every ounce of pain she has inflicted upon me in the last two years. I pretty much kept my mouth shut and just listened. They asked me a few questions which I answered as straight forward as I possibly could. They asked Nick why he thinks living with me would be better. He said because he feels alone since his brother and sisters live with me. Then his mother chimed in and said he was not alone, that she has the two younger girls every other week and his one sister stayed with her three straight months and the other two siblings come stay with her all the time. Most of that was a lie because the kids rarely spend time with her and I have all of this in a spreadsheet. He and I just looked at each other in confusion. She may fool some people but her own children know the truth. I didn't say anything. I know in the end the truth wins and we all reap what we sow.

We got him settled in last night and things went well. I did post something on Facebook before court that it was going to be a scary day. One friend commented and asked why. I said I was probably going to get custody of my son and it was going to make things even more intense than it already is. I said I created this family with another person who betrayed me and left me to do it on my own. Then one of my Amber's friends commented and said I was a terrible father for blasting my kid's mother on Facebook. I didn't respond because I didn't do anything outside of the truth but my foster daughter started arguing with her pointing out that Amber beat her son. She posted pictures of his bruised and bloody face and pointed out that Amber cheated on me. She told this lady nothing but the truth. Then this lady attacked me as a Christian. She expects me to be perfect. I'm not and I don't apologize because I have the blood of Jesus to cover my sins. Amber abused me and our children and that's why they choose to live with me. That's all the proof I need of my Christianity. God rewards his followers. My children are with me.

The court also ordered Nick to have a psychological evaluation done. This could be devastating for Amber because he is going to go in and tell all about her abuse. It could potentially take away her parental rights all together. I always think I'm through the worst part of this but then it just keeps getting crazier.

Nick and I were talking last night and he said his mother told him our foster daughter was embarrassing him on social media again by posting his abuse pictures. I told him she is trying to manipulate him into thinking someone is attacking him when we are all really trying to protect him and get justice for what was done to him. She is once again playing the victim. She doesn't like that her abuse is exposed.

I am meeting with my attorney next Thursday because as of tomorrow he told me she should be in contempt of court for not getting all the finances she took responsibility for out of my name, for not getting me the portion of her 401(k) I am entitled to and for not giving me one of my firearms that was awarded to me. All of this and the kids living with me most of the time should change the financial situation. I should at least get a portion of the $2700/month adoption subsidy we received for adoption our four youngest kids and maintain the child support I get for our two oldest biological kids. If this doesn't get changed I will not be able to take proper care of these kids. Right now she gets that adoption subsidy while I pay for mostly everything for our kids. Then she tells the kids she has no money. Whatever.

  • I agree what you put out on FB was wrong.  You are not to keep her in the negativity room of your mind and yet you painted a very awfully negative public picture of her for the public to see.  You didn't cover her secrets.  Telling the world her wrongs does not help a thing, but make you look like you're ready to throw her under the bus.  

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