I'm getting things ready for Nick (15) to move in. I've been told the judge still has to give the final order and I can still back out. Caleb (18) was furious when I told him. He said "Nick is a bad kid dad and he is going to get us in trouble. Why can't you just tell them no." I said because I would feel like the world's worst dad. I told him it's something he wont understand until he becomes a dad himself. So very soon life is going to become even more complicated and from what the kids are telling me about every day things concerning their mother, she is still in La La Land and doesn't see a thing wrong with anything that is going on around her. I think it's absolutely insane to continue to behave the way she is.

This morning when I was taking Aleigha (11) to school she said her mom finally let her move into Becca's old room. She said they have argued for months about it. Aleigha said "Mom, Becca is not moving back in here" and Amber said "Yes she will, eventually." I think maybe some small part of Amber has finally let go of that thought. I have even had the thought that maybe someday Becca would at least go back to her mom a little bit, but last week I told the kids that it would be financially smarter if they would move back in with their mother and I would move in with my friend. That way I could save a ton of money and still spend evenings with them and be able to buy them all kinds of stuff. They said NO. They won't do it. I can't even talk them into going back to her. Amber doesn't get it though, considering she told my sister a few weeks ago that I am still trying to turn the kids against her. I guess she will eventually have to face the severity of this situation years from now if the kids continue to hold their grudges as I suspect they will.

Trinity (14) called me a bit ago and was complaining about her mother. Apparently she was supposed to go clean her house in exchange for getting her nails done but something happened and her mother wasn't home to give her a ride but was saying it was Trinity's fault for not doing it earlier in the week. Trinity said her mom was being stupid. I listened to her for a while and finally said "Look this is between you and your mom. There's not really anything I can do." I think that made her mad so she hung up and a little while later Becca called about something else and said Trinity was over at mom's cleaning. So I guess it was taken care of somehow.

Just basically an average day for me.