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November 30, 2018

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Well I did a great job of not saying anything negative yesterday although there were certainly negative thoughts running through my head. I listened to the kids and I kept my emotions in check. Trinity (14) stayed at my house again last night. A couple times she said something about Amber and I just listened. No reaction. I thought about saying something nice but it would bother me to say she is a good person when her actions over the last two years have dictated otherwise. I think it's best for now just to remain neutral. 

Caleb (18) came to me and showed me his phone where his mom has been texting him for the last two weeks. He hasn't answered one of the messages. She asked him to come to Thanksgiving, she asked him multiple times if she could take him out to dinner for his birthday and she asked him if he would spend time with her on their Christmas trip they planned. He told me he doesn't want to be around her and just isn't going to respond. He said his grandma (Amber's mom) has also been texting him. She said she has a birthday gift for him but he said he doesn't care. He asked me what is wrong with them. I said I don't think they understand the difference between right and wrong. I don't know how else to answer. That family is legitimately in denial about what Amber has done.

I still sit around and wonder how, after nineteen months, she still thinks that she has done nothing wrong. She still blames me for everything. She still says I manipulate the kids into not wanting to be around her. If the kids just acted like everything is normal and accepted her behavior would she change? I doubt it. I just don't understand.

  • Give the negative thoughts to God and thank him for his faithfulness. Negative thoughts will kill any hope of reconciliation even after one happens to reconcile. Remember that God is waiting for you too, he wants you in a very specific place before he decides to make his move, and if you are fighting against him, by struggling with anything you know you should be doing, thinking, saying you are hindering your own growth and he will not bless your plans. Be still, wait on the lord and be of good courage.

  • That's terrific you grew and said nothing negative.  Like Josh said, take it a step further and get out of the negativity room with your thoughts.

    YOu don't have to say she's a nice person, but you can, when it is appropriate, mention her good qualities and attributes or mention some kind things she's done in the past or recently.  

    the inlaws and her have corrupted there conscience.  THey have let the world and evil form there conscience vs allowing God to lead their conscience.  But, as all of us sinners, with God, there is hope.

  • You do have to stop spending time wondering how....   We just have to chalk it all up and file it in the; makes no sense file.  

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