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November 26, 2018

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Thanksgiving was good. It could have been better if I still had my family intact. I ended up taking the kids to their mother's bio father's Thanksgiving then dropped the younger ones off to her after that, where I assume they had Thanksgiving again. The next day my parents had Thanksgiving but she wouldn't let them go. I have to make another assumption, that she was mad because her bio father wouldn't allow her to come to his Thanksgiving. So my mom was upset, I was upset and Aleigha (11) was upset. She had been texting my mom saying she was looking forward to Thanksgiving then she wasn't allowed to go. Just a continuous sad situation for my kids.

Caleb (17) turns eighteen tomorrow. I got him Madden 19 for XBox because that really all I could afford. I'm also going to make him a giant T-bone steak and a baked potato tomorrow. He went to a party the other day and only told me after I found out another way. He didn't lie to me but I don't think he would have ever told me if I didn't catch him. 

Becca (15) came to me and said her mom asked her to come spend some time with her and her family at a cabin they are renting during Christmas. I gather from this and the way she is acting that she doesn't want to go. I told her to go if she wants to but it feels like she wants me to tell her no so she doesn't have to deal with her mother. I'm just not really sure. Neither her nor Caleb spent any time with their mother during Thanksgiving. I had nothing to do with that and I honestly don't see how she deals with it. I can't stand to be away from my kids for one second. If they did this to me it would be devastating. I still think about Caleb telling her over a year ago that she better get used to living alone.

Nick (15) is in a heap of trouble. I got a Facebook message from someone I don't know informing me that her son got drugs from Nick and that Nick introduced her son to someone else who sold her son cocaine. She had her son drug screened and he tested positive for THC and cocaine. This just gets worse every day. She reported all of this to the police. Eventually someone has to do something about this. Nick also told me he was going to fight some other kid because this kid has been asking his sister for nude pictures. I tried to talk him out of it. I told him fighting this kid won't solve anything. 

Trinity (14) asked to stay with me this weekend. Saturday night she asked to go to a friend's house. I let her and she ended up at a party. The same party Caleb was at. She left her phone at my house and when I picked her up I asked her why she left her phone and she said so Amber couldn't track her. I thought this is just great. She played me. She played Amber. It won't get any better as long as we are at war. She had also drank a beer. So I had a talk with her about that. To say these kids are out of control is an understatement. They are falling into every statistical divorce category there is. I'm at a loss. Caleb and Becca are doing very well in school but Nick and Trinity are failing. Aleigha is not doing as well as she could and I blame it on this situation. Statistics says it's this situation. 

Aleigha is a big concern. Before Thanksgiving she told me she didn't want to go to her mother's and she did not want to be around her grandma but she was forced to. She wanted me to tell them but I told her we have don't have a say in it. She also told me if I move away she is not going to go with me because she doesn't want to leave her friends. This poor girl is in a position she should not have to be in.

Allison (6) still doesn't understand what is going on. She loves the time she spends with me and the kids tell me when she's at her moms all she talks about is when she gets to come back to my house. She doesn't do that about her mom when she is at my house.

I don't want to watch these kids go through this anymore.

To top all of this off I suppose I still have to talk to this lady tomorrow about Nick. Since he told her Amber has abused him I guess she will be asking me about that. This lady is a co-worker of the lady that contacted me about Nick selling her son drugs. I have no idea where this is going to go. I've been praying about it, asking God to guide me and give me the wisdom I need to get through this. Hard to believe that the woman I dedicated my life to has made a mess like this and she doesn't even realize it.

  • Eddie, look up the BTG Movement on you tube. It is a very encouraging ministry, the Ramos family.

  • She said he said....You do not know the full truth of who supplied the drugs to that kid.  Maybe Nick was there when he bought from someone else.  Maybe the kid just used Nick as a scapegoat.  

    I am not saying to sweep it under the rug.  but, who knows, maybe that kid introduced nick to the dealer.  And it's the opposite of what the woman says.  Regardless, he's hanging around the wrong kids.

    I pray whatever happens with the lady you meet tomorrow it is the best outcome for the family and Nick long term.

  • Don't look at being at war.  Yes, she may be doing things that are completely not right, but in war there is an enemy.  And do not look at her at all as the enemy.

  • I once heard someone say when they go into an important meeting that they also pray that their guardian angel and the other person's guardian angel arrange things to go well for everyone involved.  And that it always worked for them.  

    If guardian angels are not of your religion, then disregard this.  

  • But if it goes along with your religious beliefs it may be a good idea to do so for your meeting tomorrow.

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