Collaborate without boundaries

August 9, 2018

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Trinity (14) came home last night after going to an amusement park with my wife. She didn't really say much. A little while later she said Becca (15) texted her and said she was staying at my wife's house. So I went to Becca's room and she wasn't there. Apparently when Trinity was dropped off Becca went with my wife. Trinity asked her why and she said Aeigha (11) really wanted her to stay there. I was hurt but I'm happy that the mother/daughter relationship could begin reconciling. Maybe they will talk and Becca will say good things about me. Maybe this is God's will. Who knows?

  • To be honest, my concern would be that she just left without telling you?

    I would let her know that it is great to want to stay there and to, just make sure she lets you know before leaving the house.

  • That's what I said to Trinity when I found out. I said "She didn't even tell me she was leaving." Trinity asked her and she said she went outside to say hi to the girls and Aleigha grabbed her and threw her in the car. She didn't even take shoes. I'll talk to her about it tonight.

  • Ah, makes sense. I would say you did well and had a positive outlook. Just no expectations :)

  • Right, no expectations. and don't hope she says good things about you, she knows already and is, as Paul put it, "Kicking against the goads" of against the Holy Spirit.

    I would talk to her about the leaving without telling you, but for safety sake only, for concern and well being.

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