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August 8, 2018

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I heard a few more rumors about my wife and her boyfriend from Trinity (14) as I suspected I would. Didn't let it bother me this time. I think Josh may have mentioned the other day that she is sinning against God, not me. That's how I looked at it last night. Got past it and ended up having an awesome evening. Becca (15) spent the night at a friends and Trinity had a couple girlfriends over and we played a cool new game on Xbox called "Use Your Words" in which you connect your phones and answer questions. Really cool little party game. Trinity told me my wife begged her to stay at her house last night but she said no. She said all day my wife was trying to peek at her phone while she was texting me. She asked Trinity what she was doing and Trinity jokingly said trying to find dad a girlfriend to which my wife replied "I hope he finds someone nice." My first thought was "How do you wish happiness to a person you said was an abusive rapist?" But I have to remember, as my brother-in-law, Kyle, reminded me the other day, we are not dealing with a rational person. So I processed it and let it go.

I continue to pray for my wife every day. My hope in reconciliation is very slim. She is so far down the rabbit hole. She's completely lost. Still won't take any responsibility for anything she has done and believes I am the cause of all her problems.

Her dad called me last night and asked how I was doing. He said he is buying the kids some clothes for school and reminded me how proud he and the rest of the family are of the progress I have made through this. I told him how angry I was at her taking the kids around this boyfriend and he said to let it go because there is nothing I can do. He said the younger ones will figure it out eventually just like the older ones did. Overall it was a very good day and I'm looking forward to more days like this.

  • Great Eddie, now turn that anger over to God and ask him to show and teach you compassion for your wife. Your father in law is right, there is absolutely nothing YOU can do about this, so let it go and focus on your children. They need the support of their father, and as has been seen by all who have been following you through this that you are a great dad, take that role and run with it. Teach your children from the bible, establish an evening in Proverbs, pray with them.

    Praying for you.

  • Also Don't expect to hear evil from your kids about your wife. Expect good from and for her, be her biggest supporter, praise God when you see her doing well, and pray for her when you hear otherwise.

  • That's fantastic the family sees your testimony.  And others do too, and you may never know who all is looking at you for your testimony.

    Trinity, saying she's looking for a girlfriend for you.  The flesh, at least mine, would enjoy the thought of one of my kids saying that to my wife.  But, we need to remind our kids those things are not showing kindness.  You're teaching them love wins.  But, love has to be shown, it is a verb, it takes action to show love.  So, we need to allow love to win also through what we say to their mother.  

  • That's fantastic you had a blast even after hearing about the rumors.  You let go and let God handle it.  Keep that up.  And you will be sleeping much better.  

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