Collaborate without boundaries

July 27, 2018

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Tim and Sean are so right and I am so wrong. Standing for her through this is so difficult. I've really messed up everything. I would take her back if she asked but not immediately. We have a lot of issues that would have to be worked out, if she wanted it. And I would continue to lead by following Christ. He has changed me into something that I think could be amazing. You guys don't know how much pride I have. Or maybe you do because of all of these journals. My pride has destroyed everything. I am my own worst enemy.

I told my therapist I was going to stop talking about my wife because I do it way too much but as soon as I got home it started. The girls and I were watching Netflix and my wife started texting them about all kinds of stuff. She was mainly telling them she didn't have any money but said she paid $1,500 for an overnight King's Island trip. The kids say the boyfriend is going and she wants them to go also. She also just got new hair extensions. Becca (15) was so mad because she sees all this money being spent and can't get her mom to buy her anything because she says she doesn't have any money. That's what got the whole conversation started. I just listened to them for a while until they started asking me questions.

They said my wife tells them she and this guy are just friends but they lay on the couch and cuddle. So the kids are confused about that. Then they are asking me if I'm going to get a girlfriend and when I say no they ask why. So I explain to them again that marriage is a covenant and the only options I have at this point is to stay unmarried until my wife dies or reconcile with her.

I have to take a stand today. I have to do a better job of resisting the devil. I have to stand for my wife even though she is gone. I have to show her that love is not confined. I have to reflect God in everything I do and say. I have to show our children that Love Never Fails. It has to start with ME.

  • If you didn't see I replied again to your last post.  If you think you may have sinned through pride get forgiven by asking Him then relax and let go of the frustration.  

    Don't worry about the things that need worked out before she comes back.  I think if she chooses to come back it'll all unwind enough before she moves back.

  • You're worrying about steps that are yet to come.  Tomorrow will take care of itself.  It has for for all these months so far.  That won't change when you have God first.

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