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July 26, 2018 addendum

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A couple of things happened recently that I wanted to share. Last night a woman on Facebook messaged me and said she knows I have a strong faith and asked me to pray for her family. She said something happened with her husband and Child Protective Services (CPS) came and took her children away. She knew that I had went through this and said she just needed prayers because she's afraid of losing her babies. I told her I would definitely pray for her and I did. Then this morning another woman messaged me on Facebook and said she follows my page and she asked if there is any way I could help with her kid's marriage. I told her it would be m pleasure.

Throughout all of this pain in the last couple of years I turned to Christ and have lived solidly for Him for over a year now and people are seeing Christ. I know I have sinned many times (all of you guys see that in my journals everyday) but I keep my sights on God and I work constantly to eliminate those sins from my life. I'm excited to see where God takes me.

  • Eddie, I think you just need to realize something simple here.

    People are seeing your faith and commitment to the Lord and are turning to you for assistance. That is an amazing place to be in.

  • YOur testimony, even if it never brings your wife around, is being used for others.  that's great.  And your wife may see or hear of you helping other marriages, and God can use that for your and her's benefit.

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