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July 14, 2018

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I've got our girls and I'm heading to church camp today. We will be there for a week.

Yesterday the police from the town that Nick (15) ran away to called me. They asked me if my son had returned home and I told them yes. They asked me how and I told them I thought they brought him. They said he was gone when they when they got to where they knew he was. They called our local police and said she had never filed a missing person report even though she told our other children she had, twice. I thought he was missing based on what our other kids were telling me. Then they told me they spoke to my wife and she told them that she knew exactly where he was the whole time and had let him go there. But she didn't bother to tell them that she went and picked him up.  It made me look pretty stupid. I apologized to them and told them I was just acting on a concern for my son whom I was led to believe had ran away. They told me they completely understand and it was not a problem and they were glad they could help. This is a situation that makes absolutely no sense to me but I can rest easy because I did what a father should do. I protected our son.

Last night Trinity (14) came and told me that my wife was talking to her biological dad and he said he didn't ask for the tables I had went to the house and picked up last week. This story goes like this: My wife's uncle had brought four end tables to us a couple years ago. They were his. He gave them to us but he said he would like to have them back since my wife has decided to follow the path she is on. The tables are old have and been in his family for years and he said he didn't want them in her possession. I did as he asked me to. Now for some reason she is putting this whole thing together as me just being mean to her. I haven't done anything mean to her in the last year and a half. I have just sat back and let her run over me. I don't get her anger at me. I'm guessing she is having a hard time dealing with this new me. She doesn't understand. Maybe never will.

  • Consider she's striking at Christ's conviction, but she sees you as the target.  As long as she keeps striking and you keep showing patience and kindness when you are able, the door will remain open more fully for Christ to work in her, and you, and the kids.  

  • Don't let circumstances control you, be thankful that you have some communication, and don't worry about tour son he is going to have to make some choices and the consequences may hurt but he may need to go through a wilderness of his own before he makes the right choice to fallow Christ.

    I agree with Tim about the conviction of the Holy Spirit. She is pressed hard.

    Something my mom and we're talking about, she is reading The Hiding Place and saw something really powerful, Corry and her sister Betty had diferent ways of looking at their captors in the concentration camps in Germany, Corry was hot with anger, Betty looked on her persecutors with compassion and pity. Pity those hounded by God those who resist the Holy Spirit.

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