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July 13, 2018

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I love my wife and always will because I am a Christian but she is in complete denial of Christ.

Even though I was advised to do nothing concerning Nick (15) running away I prayed about it and felt like I needed to do something.  I used what information I had to call the police where I suspected he was. They found him about an hour later. They couldn't release him to me because my wife has custody. I gave them her contact information and left it at that. I did my duty as a father. I let the girls know he had been found and was safe. A little while later my wife texted me and asked if I had given the police her phone number. She said she did not receive a call from them. I don't know if she was lying or what but love believes the best so I believe the best. He ended up being brought home to her and right in the middle of Bible School she texted me this: "I have Nick, he's grounded because he ran off, he wants to come to your house, that's up to you but I told him he's grounded. You let me know what you want to do." This was the first time she acknowledged to me that he had ran away in the four days that he was gone. As a matter of fact, she texted me on the second day and told me he was doing great. At that point he wasn't even home and had been missing for around 12 to 36 hours because I'm not even sure when he actually disappeared. I thought it was Monday at 1:30 but Trinity (14) tells me he left on Sunday around 1:30.

I let him come over for a couple hours to see his sisters. Trinity is his biological sister. She is really the only thing in life that keeps him grounded. She asked me if he could spend the night. I said absolutely not. She asked why and I explained to both of them that I did not trust him and he knows why. I said it's going to take a lot of time to rebuild that trust. Caleb (17) was furious because he was at our house. Nick has put us all through so much in the last two years that there is very little trust in him from anyone. It's awesome that this happened and now there is a chance for us to reconcile but it will be a slow process and the other kids are nowhere near as forgiving as I am. Even Becca (15) was skeptical of him coming to visit. She told me she doesn't think it's good for Trinity and I agree with her. Trinity needs separation from Nick right now.

We decided to go stargazing and Nick went with us. Afterward we dropped him off at my wife's house. Trinity needed to run in and get a few more of her clothes. Becca went in with her. They said when they walked in my wife grabbed their hands and said she misses them. She asked Trinity if she was moving out and Trinity told her she already has. Then Aleigha (11) and Allison (5) ran out and hugged me. Becca was the first one back to the car and she said that her mom told her she understands why she is upset and told her she will get over it someday. Becca said "Mom is crazy." She also brought a handful of religious movies that I had left at the house for my wife to watch, including Fireproof. My wife simply refuse to have anything to do with God. It's sad to watch her like this when just two years ago, after all the terrible things happened to us, I held her and told her we would get through this together. She simply gave up.

At first I was afraid that my children would be taken away from me but over this last year I have learned that the truth always wins. All of the children have sided with me. Not that I desire that, because I desire my family to be one again, but that's just what the truth has done. They are running from my wife, their mother, because the truth is not in her. I am very skeptical that she will ever come around but at the same time I firmly believe that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I've seen too much evidence to dispute that.

  • Hang in there Eddie, as you said "with God all things are possable" add to that "coomit your way unto the Lord and he will bring it to pass", "seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you". remember that he honors only those that seek his face and keep his commandments.

  • Eddie, please forgive me, as I said before, I have not been around long enough to know who is who. And I am way to lazy to go search out through previous journals. LOL...

    Nick, is he your biological son? Be it as it may, any chance th prodigal son fits here? Now granted I have no idea what happened in the past, but we must think as we walk in this journey how would or better why would Christ allow you and your family in that position?

    Your wife may never find Christ, but Christ is preparing you through this journey for a reason. And all the trials that are upon you from your wife’s own doing is easily a situation God is not only molding and strengthing you, but certainly leaving little seeds of Christ in her and her mother. Now the question is what will they do with it. But mark my words just as Christ was patient with you and eventually brought you to your knees, each and every person that sees or is touched by the testimony around you will also be brought to “her” knees at some point to simply make that decision to accept or not just as it was presented to you.  And your choice, well... your here and continuing forward.

  • Nick is our adopted son. He is 15 and we adopted him right after he turned 7 so he's been with us most of his life. Because of social media he has contact with his biological parents. We tried to stop that but it's impossible. He has a strong desire to go back to them but their rights were terminated so that can't happen. I do believe he is a prodigal son. He has expressed more interest in God than any of our other kids. As long as he can survive the next few years I think he will figure everything out.

    I continue to pray for my wife. Sometimes I forget to pray for her parents. I need to remember to do that.

  • God is certainly working.  Keep being patient with her and Him.

  • God is certainly working.  Keep being patient with her and Him.

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