Collaborate without boundaries

July 11, 2018

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I have been taking every thought to prayer. Complete reliance on God only.

Trinity has decided to go to her next therapy appointment. I told her I think she does need therapy. She said she is going to go but she is going to tell them she doesn't want to go back to this therapist anymore. So we will begin looking for another therapist close by.

My wife has been texting me about the girls going to Vacation Bible School this week and about getting packed for church camp next week. If someone were to look at the texts they would never see a problem. We are being cordial with each other. I have a million things I would like to say to her to lead her in the right direction but I keep it all between me and God. Anything I would say to her would be looked at as manipulation and control. I would love to just tell her that I'm here for her no matter what. 

The thing that disturbs me is yesterday Trinity went out to eat with her while I had the younger girls at church. She told Trinity that she had to file a police report on Nick because he hasn't returned home and has ceased contact with her. He's missing. She won't even tell me. She just acts like everything is fine when she texts me. One of the kids that hung around with the group of friends Nick has killed himself a couple weeks ago. I have no idea if Nick is affected by this.

As far as I understand everything is over in court. We are just waiting for paperwork. I limit everything I say to her because I'm still scared of what she can do. She's had a knife in my back for over a year and I can't bring myself to trust anything she does. I'm scared to death of my own wife.

  • Her telling Trinity nay have been her way of telling you.  Thinking Trinity would let you know.  So, you can contact her legally concerning the kids.  This is serious stuff.  Why not contact her concerning Nick.  

    You may be justified being cautious around your wife, but scared...that's not of God.  Put God between you and the fear and let Him overcome that fear with His peace.

  • Fear is not from God, perfect love cast out fear. She is hiding this from you for her own sake. Don't worry about what she is doing and saying, love on your kids and wait, it seems to me that her world is crumbling around her, this is the hound of heaven, the thorny hedge, God is working hard on her.

    Take joy in this, you can see him working on her. Prayers for you brother.

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