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July 10, 2018

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So much to think about today. I have told Trinity she needs to go to therapy. I need to try to enforce it. Satan has his claws so deep in my family that I just don't know what on earth to do. Any decision I make seems to backfire. Maybe I am continuing to think too short term. There is a right decision. One that will benefit the long term.

I picked the little ones up for Vacation Bible School yesterday at 6:00 and Aleigha told me that Nick left the house at 1:30 and hadn't returned home. He was with this kid from a few months ago that he ran away with. A kid who is heavily involved with drugs. The weekend I spent looking for him only to finally find him (with the help of police and the national runaway hotline) in a town thirty miles away. The weekend I had to put my foot down as a father and ended up getting kicked out of my own home when he and my wife teamed up and turned on me. Aleigha said mom and grandma were looking for him. She said my wife told her if he wasn't home after VBS then they would have to go looking for him. This morning she texted me and said he still hadn't come home. Then I receive a text from my wife, out of the blue, that says Nick has been doing very well lately. She said she got him a phone and let him stay with the kid mentioned above. She knows this kid is a drug dealer. She knows he is a terrible influence and she knows that I forbade Nick from hanging out with this kid. As far as I know she doesn't know that Nick sneaked out the other night, she doesn't know that he is posting stuff about selling weed on his Snapchat story. I don't even know for a fact what is actually going on. I don't know why Aleigha would tell me Nick basically ran away then my wife text me and say he is doing well. I do know that he does not need to be around the kid he is hanging out with. I suspect that she didn't actually let him go hang out with this kid. In her text she said she took his Xbox away from him without any explanation as to why. If he's been so good why is he grounded from Xbox. If he's grounded from Xbox why is he allowed to go hang out with a drug dealer? There's too many things that just don't make sense. While I'm trying to deal with the three kids that live with me and be a dad to the two younger ones who go back and forth I don't have time to deal with this nonsense. My wife has no idea how difficult she is making life for me and everyone around her. I pray and I pray and I pray. I don't know what else to do.

Through all of this I continue to cling to hope. I know that God will put this right somehow. I have no doubts. I am trying to remain completely still and not do anything. I'm still confused.

  • Stay clear headed and pray, anxiousness is not from God, let him deal with them, all we can do is pray and wait and praise and thank Him for what he has don in our lives.

    Praying for you.

  • Who knows, but maybe she's just trying to paint a picture that eveything is going okay.  To cover herself in case things come up in court.  Or just to make herself look like she's in control.

    Love wins.  You will win. She will win if she chooses to turn to love.

    YOU have no doubts, yet are confused.  Just think, she has doubts and is confused and is trying to fight God's conviction.  Just think how tough she has it.  keep being still and letting God lead her.  He lead the Isrealites.  He will lead your wife if she chooses to follow.  And your testimony may be her Moses that leads her.  

  • Eddie,

    While I have to tell you, I love these posts. Here is why.

    Brother, you are on a journey that is molding you. And there is a purpose for that. Not just for you to find Christ and have a walk with Him. But more importantly WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH WHAT HE GIVES YOU?

    So as He molds you in this journey, He is teaching you, preparing you and more. Without these trials, without your hardship, how can you ever be a testimony to others let alone your wife and family.

    This is your opportunity to shine. Being the man of the house and of a family is one of those well done good and faithful servant moments. God trusted you with this woman, and maybe just simply to get your here so that you can become what God wants from you. We dont know. But we must seek out.

    Anyway, this is your time to shine. Do all the decisions of what honors Christ, and His love. Yes, that even means at times you have to love your wife and your mother in law in the worst of times. Think about it. If your wife came back now, I bet the girls would not be to happy about it. Heck, they have someone in their corner against what the wife and mother in law says. Justifiably or not. The fact remains, the kids will take it when they can.

    This is your time to honor everyone through Christ. So love everyone as Christ loved you. Be the FATHER your kids need. They have enough friends that lead them astray, so dont be a "Friend". Be a dad. Cause your Father in Heaven certainly is not playing the friend card with you is He? If so, I am sure He certainly would not have you going through what you are. So, He is being a father. He is molding you, teaching you, guiding you, but also just as important.... Protecting you.

    You need to lead this family, no matter how broken, no matter how bad. This is your job that Christ is preparing you for.

    You got this. Just think back to what you know now and knew in the past. How much better of a man, a father, a husband could you be? Imagine when He mends the brokenness you feel.

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