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June 12, 2018

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A neighboring church started Vacation Bible School yesterday so I attended. We talked about Jesus recruiting Peter, James, John, and Andrew. He told them to cast their nets in a specific way and place and they caught more fish than they could handle. We learned the importance of being disciples leading to the Great Commission to take the Word to all corners of the earth. What I took away from it is that if you do exactly what God tells you there will be an over abundance of blessings. I'm getting there. I still have things to this day, after talking about this for months and months, that I haven't let go of. Sometimes I feel like the worst Christian ever but it's a slow never ending process to be like Christ. Tonight I get to take the girls. I'm really excited about that.

My friend called me last night because I asked him if he could help Caleb get his water bed and dresser from the other house since I am not allowed to go there. That was a sixty second conversation but we talked about my marriage for an hour. He went through this a couple years ago. He doesn't have kids but the situation was very similar. His wife made all kinds of accusations against him. He has since remarried. I don't know if it is scriptural and it's not my place to know that but he told me that I need to love my wife as Christ would and show the children that I am a Christian above all else no matter what happens. He said she is the one walking away from the marriage, that's on her. He stressed how important it is for me to embrace my faith and live as Christ. I told him it is very hard to even consider being friendly to my wife after all the accusations she has made against me. I can't seem to let go of the pain she has caused me even though I know exactly how I'm supposed to because of the Bible. Right now my way of letting go is to ignore it. I tell myself that I deserve everything I'm getting and more.

He said if things hadn't happened the way it did for him he would have never met his new wife who is as devout a Christian as he is. He said I never know what God's plan is. I assumed he was saying it is possible I could meet someone else but I told him I do not have a scriptural right to another woman and even if I did I could never do that to our children. I told him I am happy to serve Christ and wait for my wife. If she doesn't come back then I just have to live with that. He said he hopes she does come back to God and our marriage is restored. I remember when she first walked out he was the first person to call her. I don't know what that conversation consisted of but he is a very good friend and he always looks out for me.

I printed the comment on 1 Corinthians chapter 13 that tracey put on my journal a couple days ago. I added it to the war room wall. I remind myself every day when I reread the all that I have on the wall that love is the new law instituted by Jesus. He repeats that over and over. Galatians 5:14 says that all the law is fulfilled by one word, love thy neighbor as thyself. I continue to pray for my wife, for God to take her out of satan's hands.

I'm trying so hard.

  • Look at what you and everyone on this site endures.  Venom being spewed at us.  Lies and manipulations.  Knowing our spouses are in full blown affairs, not seeing our spouse, etc.  Now this is tough stuff to handle.  

    Now, look at Paul.  The Holy Spirit testified that where ever he went he would face trials of being stoned, mocked, etc.  That death could be just around the corner.  He sure had trials to deal with.  Yet, He knew what you quoted.  The key was to love everyone.

  • Leave the pain at the foot of the cross while you forgive her.  Even if you have to forgive moment by moment.  

    So, pick up your cross just as Jesus did.  Just as Paul did.  Just as (I think all) the apostles did.  And carry that cross on your journey.  Jesus will make the load light when you have Him first.  

    And carrying that cross will not be in vain. You will inherit the glory of God just like all the sanctified.  

  • And as you trudge that cross you are making the path easier for your wife to see, your kids to see, your nieghbors and friends and church members to see.  Making it easier for them to lift high the cross and carry it to the finish line.

    But, this is only a season in your life.  the cross you are carrying now will be lifted from your tiring shoulders.  And this cross carrying now will build an endurance in you if you ever are handed another cross to carry.

    Be in peace.  YOur reward is right in sight.

  • I wouldn't be worthy to lace Paul's sandals. I wouldn't even be able to look Jesus in the face. I think my pain is dissipating because I know how bad I deserve it.

  • How bad you deserve it....You have to let go of that mentality. Looking into the past is not what you should  be doing. Evil uses your past to say to you you are not worthy of the promises of  Christ.  None of us are worthy of any of God's  love, forgiveness, or the place He's saved for us in heaven.

    But, He has freely offered us these things to accept.  So, let go of the burden of thinking of your past and hang onto the promises of Christ.

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