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June 7, 2018

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Yesterday was an odd day. Odd because I felt at peace all day. I wish I knew why. I helped a lady at the laundromat carry in a bunch of bags of clothes and later she started up a conversation with me. We didn't get around to talking about God but after I finished folding a load of clothes I told her I had to leave for church. I'm sure she sensed something different about me and I hope she saw Christ in me. The whole time I was thinking what would a Christian do? What would a Christian say? I just wanted to give God the glory. That's all that was on my mind.

Then at church we discussed the next section in the book we are reading about how to tell if someone is your brother in Christ. Jesus says not everyone who says Lord Lord will enter heaven. We have to be careful of false teachers, even those who are sincere and think they are teaching correctly. We have to make sure when we call someone brother that they are following Christ according to the Bible. We have to test the spirits ~ 1 John 4:1-6.

Then when I came back to the laundromat after church to finish the load I left there another gentleman had just pulled his clothes out of a dryer next to mine. I noticed some money in the back of the dryer and I ran after him to tell him. It feels good to do the "right" thing. I just can't stress that enough.

When I got home Caleb and I watched game 3 of the NBA finals. I asked him if he wanted to go visit my dad this weekend, who lives a couple hours away, because his birthday is coming up. He wasn't interested. Kids don't see much past their own desires, and going to visit grandpa isn't very desirable. Hopefully he will learn differently as he becomes an adult. So I went and asked Becca if she wanted to go. She said she already told her mom she would do something with her this weekend. A few days ago that would have really bothered me because I have had my own desire of the kids not wanting to do anything with her. I've tried to control the situation and that just doesn't work. I need to stop trying and just let God handle everything. I need to do His will and watch everything fall into place, in His time. No more negativity. Besides, I don't know what God is planning this weekend. He may be setting them up to finally have the conversation that Becca has been trying to have with her mom for a few months. Something may be said to make the situation better. If I interfere then that may never happen. Honestly, I have been interfering quite a bit in the last year. I've made things worse by trying to impose my own will over God's will.

I was thinking about how I have been asking God to give my wife back to me and how I have just recently realized that I'm not ready for that. I pictured God saying to me "You want me to give you your wife back but you can't even follow the simple commandments I've given you over the last few months?" Which is true. I haven't learned much about how to handle my money, I keep blaming my wife for many things, I won't submit to HIs will. The list goes on and on. I've made more progress in the last couple of days, once I realize I'm not ready to be the husband He needs me to be, than I have in the past year. It has taken a long time to sink in. But now it has and now I'm ready to grow. I have to remind myself I'm fighting satan, not my wife. My wife is a good person. Satan is a monster. And without God, I lose. The book of Job has had a tremendous impact on me also.

Finally, before bed, I prayed for marriages, I prayed for my church, and I prayed for God to help me fight satan. I prayed for satan to be removed from my wife's life. I know with God's help she can beat this. We both can. We all can.

  • That peace sometimes more fully surfaces when we serve others as Christ serves us.  The lady with the bags for example.

    People can see the light of Christ in you.  And that's without verbally witnessing or preaching.  I've heard the best way to share the gospel is not by talking but by action or behavior.  People in public sense the peace you're seeking in you.

  • It's almost like you become charismatic without even talking.  And some people are receptive to seeking you out.  And they start a conversation.  Or ponder what's different about you.  And this can lead them to the next or even fist step in their journey in Christ.

  • Maybe with your daughter seeing your wife this weekend is a start to the preparation of healing their relationship.  Who knows but God how He will use that time.  

    Instead of asking the kids to visit your Dad could you tell them that's what's happening?  

  • The life of Christ in you gives off an aroma, to one life to the other death, when you serve and obey God's commands you are living his will for you. That peace is because you were not thinking of self.

    Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities of this dark world, and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for the breaking down strongholds. We are not fighting against our spouses, we fight along side them, they just don't see it this way. They can see it only as a selfish act to gain something for our selves. Some times they may even think that we will try to intentionally hurt them.

    Ask God to give your daughter a good time with her mom. That they would be drawn to the life in Christ that you are living.

  • I hope people see the light of Christ in me. The world needs hope.

    I'm fighting alongside my wife and she doesn't even know it. I love that. Because it's true. I will tell myself this every day.

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