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June 1, 2018

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I read my normal devotionals yesterday and a little bit in Exodus but didn't study as much as I usually do. My brain was just getting a little tired. I still prayed a lot, for the same things as usual. Does God ever get tired of hearing from me? When God told Moses to go to pharaoh and ask him to let His people go God made it clear that He was going to harden pharaohs heart. He was going to harden it in order to be able to show His power to pharaoh and to all of Egypt. Then He finally led them out of Egypt on a route that doesn't make a lot of sense to a human. There was a shorter easier route. The thing is God ALWAYS has a plan. I'm part of that plan right now and so is my wife. So are all husbands and wives. We will all submit eventually. Hopefully, for the sake of some, it isn't on judgment day. Romans 14:11 ~ It is written: "'As surely as I live,' says the Lord, 'every knee will bow before me; every tongue will acknowledge God.'"

I got a text from my mother-in-law with videos from an activity Allison had at school. I'm sure her intentions are good but like I've said before a little bit of good doesn't make up for a lot of evil. She is guilty also of lying about me. Before I was kicked out of my house I did invite her to church and she said maybe, but that never materialized because my wife decided to make up a story about me hitting her and I suppose her mom believes it, even though the kids were there to refute it. I couldn't respond anyway because I've been legally advised to have no contact with her, along with my wife or her step-dad. It would have been really nice, though, if someone had told me my daughter had something going on at the school. It seems unfair but I guess I better get used to missing out on half of my kids lives. I was thinking about that last night. In my life I have never missed one of my kids practices, games, or school functions. I've been to every school meeting and always been in contact with school officials and teachers concerning the children. My wife on the other hand may have attended 10% of those and that is a high estimate. I'm not saying that is good or bad. I'm just stating a fact. This is all just a continuous tragedy, for me, my wife, and our children. She doesn't even see it.

So, I'm trying to turn this "tragedy" into a success story. If this is God's plan then everything will turn out just fine and all these things are necessary to attain that. Like I've been told dozens of times, I need to sit back, be still, and let God handle everything.

  • Staying in peace and let God handle everything...So simple, but so hard for the flesh to do.

    If you haven't, and I am sure you have, forgive your in laws like you have your wife.

    I cringe when I say God wants this of us or that.  Because I know I can't  speak for Him.  But I am sure He isn't ever tired of hearing your prayers when along  with your cries for help you offer praise and thanksgiving and quiet time for Him to talk if He so wishes.  I fall short there, so good reminder for me to keep up the praise and being still part of prayer.

  • That is an incredible feet you have accomplished being there for  your kids in all those activities.

  • I forgot to mention that in my prayers yesterday I did include my in-laws. They are good people but they are non-believers. So when I tell them I believe marriage is an institution of God they say "Yeah right, if divorce makes someone happy then that's what they need to do, not listen to a 2000 year old story book." It's hard to convince my wife of the truth when her parents are teaching the complete opposite. UGH

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