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May 18, 2018

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I was on the verge of calling my mom yesterday because of finances. Then it happened, just as it always does, the Lord took care of me. I got a bonus at work for referring a friend to employment six months ago. This will keep me going for a while and takes a tremendous amount of potential worry from me. I knew this would happen though. I've said before that every time I get down God lifts me right back up. He is an amazing Creator. Wow. Glory be to Him always. I'm so excited today because of this.

My poor wife though. It’s going to be a rough road waiting for her- for both of us. But, me and God, we're going to do things. Spectacular things. She's on top of the world in some aspects but not in others. She had surgery this week. Her fourth in three years. Her health is not great. Mine, on the other hand is near perfect. I pray for her health while struggling to understand my own. I don't feel like I deserve good health but I also understand that God doesn't control this. Good things happen to good people, good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people. Two thousand years ago God made His last appearance to man and from that point on, after giving us everything we need, He left us to live by faith and obedience. We have the knowledge to deal with anything that happens, knowing that we will be with Him in the end, if we so choose.

A few days ago our former foster daughter, Jessica, posted on Facebook that she was having trouble finding clothes to fit her. She will be 20 years old in a few months and lives with her boyfriend. She sent me a screenshot where my wife had commented on it saying she could get her some clothes. Jessica commented back "No, I'm good." Then yesterday I noticed that she put this up: "How can some people be so desperate to get their children's favor during a divorce that they will go and lie to their children's faces even though their children clearly seen wtf you did and if you keep lying about it I will spill your beans. You can't buy my love like you did theirs." This is why I have chosen to be a true Christian and try live according to the Bible. People are always watching and you never know when something like this will pop up out of nowhere. If my wife sees this I think it would have to hurt her but it’s a consequence of sin, which I know all too well.

My kids are wanting tattoos. Becca wants to get "Love Never Fails" on her collar bone. Caleb wants the word "Pious" on his shoulder somewhere. It’s hard to argue with that. I told Becca I love that idea. I told her one day God will prove that love never fails using me. Caleb and I both have the word pious in our Xbox gamertags. I chose that over ten years ago because of my belief in God. He said he wanted to get that tattoo because it will show HIS belief also. So going back to when they told me they didn't believe in God because of what is happening to our family may have only been them speaking in anger but I took it in the worst way possible.

  • God does provide in the most amazing ways. When I was helping my in-laws with an orphanage in the Bahamas the electric bill was 1200 a month and we never asked for monitory support from anyone and he provided not just that but for food and gas and building materials.

  • God puts pressure on people in ways that amaze me, just like the pressure he is putting on you and me, to be just like him. just ask God to show her where the pressure is really coming from.

  • YOur wife may be on top of the world, getting her way, plenty of money, freedom to act however she wants, her parents taking care of being the parent for her, etc.  But, on top of the world is at the bottom in Christ.  And as you point our, she can not escape this.  And thank God for that.

  • I'm not saying anything pro or con about tattoos.  But, consider your kids are pretty young to be making a life long decision.   A tattoo may be appealing at a young age, but will they have the same taste in their 30s, or 40's or older?  And consider one tattoo may lead to two tattoos to 20 tattoos.  

    Again, I am not judging, being positive or negative about any of it at all.  I know this site isn't about anything of this nature.  And I don't want it to become anything about this.  But just thought I would share thoughts, which I am sure you are already more than aware of.

    It's great the kids that claimed they didn't believe in God are now wanting to share God permanently.  

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