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May 17, 2018

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Good news or bad?

The hearing that was supposed to be tomorrow was continued until June 29, 2018. I have seen many people express gratitude to God for extending their marriage because of this. I will do the same. All thanks to Him above for granting me a little more time as a married man. There are positives and negatives though, from a worldly perspective. I was hoping to take care of some financial stuff because my wife has, frankly, left me in a predicament. I can barely afford to take care of the children that live with me but I know, just like in the past, that God will take care of me. He has never failed me even though I constantly fail Him. He will get me through this. I can only imagine that my wife is furious because of the continuance.

Yesterday the power went out in our county for most of the day but the kids were not released from school. Becca called me to ask if I could sign her out but I couldn't because I don't have the legal right to do that. Then when I got home, her and Caleb both told me they asked their mom to do the same thing but she told them no because they have missed too much school already, which actually isn't true. The only kid that has missed any significant amount of time is Nick, who has skipped quite a few days this year. She also told them she wasn't feeling good from her surgery so I assume she is taking a few days off work to recover. I bet she has no idea I'm praying for her.

Caleb sat with me in the kitchen while I made dinner. He talked about how he was going to use his mom this summer just so he could swim in our pool. It's hard to listen to things like that because I don't want my wife to suffer, but at the same time, I don't want the kids around her because she is teaching them something that is contrary to what is right. That it is okay to give up on marriage and run away. I just can't accept that. I kept silent while he talked and when I had to speak I just talked about the pool or something insignificant. I still don't know how I'm supposed to handle these situations. If I tell him to spend time with her and love her he gets mad at me but if I were to tell him to hate her and stay away from her that would be wrong. I can do my best to show her unconditional love but its going to take a miracle to get the kids to that point.


  • I feel the same way about my girls. I wouldn't worry to much about the stress she is under, the Holy Spirit uses all kinds of things to work in people. They have to realize it though and be open to his leading.

    It's good that you are praising God for the extention, just remember to do it for God, He is the reason so do it for Him.

  • Have no expectations, in that she has no idea you are praying for her and also that  she is furious about the  continuance.  Maybe she's hoping you are praying for her or wondering.  Maybe she's relieved things were pushed back because she's unsure of everything right now.  Who knows but God?  She doesn't really know what she's thinking I bet.

    Maybe just tell the kids to love their mom just like we are to love everyone even the people on death row that have done horrific things.  Not that they have to  want to spend time with her, but to love her like we are to commanded to love everyone.

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