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April 24, 2018- Round 3 Day 7

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The list of positive things about my wife was not a long as the first couple of times. It's hard to convince myself of things like "My wife is a good person" when she lies about me abusing her. There are still many positive things about her though and I know she is only one decision away from changing everything and giving into God.

The negative list centers around selfishness. Once she sees that she should value others above herself as Philippians 2:3 says these negative things will slowly disappear. It's just one simple decision to give herself fully over to Christ. That one decision changes everything.

She did text me for the first time in a long time last night. She needed a code that was sent to my phone so she could change the password and other information on a website that she needed to access. I gave her the code and she thanked me. So I know she has been getting my church invites for sure now. I also sent her a picture of the appointment card for marriage therapy tomorrow so she knows about that. I have no doubts at all that she is being convicted. I remember my own conviction year after year of rejecting God. I would listen to a sermon that was speaking directly to me and I would make up an excuse as to why it really didn't apply to me, even though is was directed right at me. The preacher may as well have come and sat right in front of me. The conviction is haunting and doesn't go away. She will see that eventually.

Caleb and Becca were talking again yesterday about how awesome it is how the three of us are living now, without the rest of the family. I am now in a position that, even of my wife wants to reconcile at some point, it is going to take an enormous amount of work. To integrate this family back together would be a monumental task. On April 30, 2017, the night that she left, she said she was going to rip this family apart, right in front of the kids, but I don't think she understood the gravity of those words when she said them. I can't do this. I need God's help.

  • Enjoy the thought of her texting twice.  Even if she had to the first time.  But she surely didn't have to the car second time.  And a thank you text on top of that.  Let these thoughts of her reaching out to you briefly back some of the desire to be with her that you once had.

    But then make sure to let God know you enjoy Him so much more.  For He is a jealous God.

  • Do not dwell upon the problems if tomorrow such as reuniting the family.  For one, there will be the both of you working as one flesh.  Second God knows the  solutions to the problems we will come across in the future.

    He always gives an out to all problems at just the right time.

  • Well I just got a call from my attorney. He says I have been accused of contempt of court for all kinds of reasons that are not true. The only two truths are that my two oldest have moved in with me and the court documents say that my wife has full custody. But my attorney told me a couple months ago that if my children wanted to move in with me the court would not do anything about it because of their ages. And I mailed her a couple of divorce and marriage brochures two weeks ago because that's what a Christian does when they see someone needing help. My Facebook posts about moral issues, including divorce are being submitted as evidence against me. I was told that there are text messages between me and my children that that are going to be used against me. I don't remember saying anything negative to my kids except that divorce is wrong. I am being persecuted and I will not back away from the word of God.

  • Good Don't back Down. Remember that God wants our full submission to him alone even in the face of death. I don't think you will face death but stay in there and let the truth be known.

    I wish my wife would text me back even once so take it as a blessing.

  • Yes, Christians do help others.  But doing things like mailing  the brochures.   I know you had good intent.  And I may very well be wrong in what I will say.  So choose to take anything I ever say with a grain of salt.  But look at Jesus when He was persecuted.  He did not defend Himself, preach right from wrong or  hand out brochures.  He knew they were not going to change their minds.  And I think you know  right now she isn't going to change her mind either. So mailing these brochures is  only going to push her away.

  • Jesus also said to shake the sand off your feet when people reject Him.  Basically saying  don't waste your time trying to  convince someone that is rejecting the Word.  And right now she is rejecting, so look at as time to  leave her be, kind of like shaking the dust of your sandals.  

    It may be best to get anything your attorney says such as the kids can move in with you in writing or in an email.

  • I do not see how you have been in contempt at all.  

    And it is admirable you are willing to be martyred in a sense by man's court system and stand  for God's laws.

    but also do your best to protect yourself without going against God so that your  kids  still have access to you and you can fulfill your fatherly duties.

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