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April 13, 2018

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Yesterday was an interesting day. I typically "preach" on Facebook. I tell only what the Bible says and if I offer my opinion I say so. Yesterday I posted my last paragraph from yesterday's journal entry about divorce. It prompted a large discussion leading to satan's attack on our families, forgiveness and many other issues facing the Christian community today. This situation has turned into a way for me to get the gospel out to all my Facebook friends and their friends if they share and so forth. The word will spread through me now. My pride kept me from doing this before because I was afraid of being made fun of for being a Bible thumper. I no longer have that fear.

The bothersome part about it was my older sister commenting that people should never be forced to stay in a marriage when they don't "love" someone. I have a thousand biblical answers to dispute that but all I responded with was a video on marriage, divorce and remarriage (there is a link at the end of this entry for it.) My sister thinks she can be a Christian and at the same time bend the Bible to suit HER desires. I had a discussion with her a couple months ago about it and she told me what she thinks God would say. I told her that she must be reading a different Bible than me because God says EXACTLY what he wants and leaves no room for personal opinion.

The feedback from what I though was a problem with only seeing my younger kids 3% of the time made me think about how to better use that time for God. Since the kids are no longer in church I will do a Bible study with them. The church sends out kids magazines that I used to read with them and I have a few of them that we can read together starting tonight. I will lead them the way the Lord wants me to.

I watched a movie last night about a young guy who got cancer and the movie dealt with the way he handled it. It was very thought provoking. It made me think two things. One positive and one negative. I thought that no matter how bad I think my situation is, there is always someone in a worse situation. I should be thinking about those people, not myself. On the other hand, I began to think that I wish I could get cancer. I deserve it, but for some reason I'm a model picture of health. I have absolutely no fear of death. I'm certain of my place with God after this life so sometimes I just want to hurry up and move to that point. Is it greedy to want to be with God so desperately?

Becca told me that her mom texted her and asked if she wanted to hang out sometime. When the kids came to live with me they said they didn't want anything to do with her. As my therapist suggested all I have done is validated what they tell me, telling them that I understand their feelings. I don't reply with negative comments and I don't expect their feelings to last forever. Becca said "Does mom think this is middle school?" So I sense that Becca is still upset at her mom and it may take a while to resolve those feelings.

  • It is good you are no longer afraid of speaking of God.

    Not sure i should say this or not but hear it goes.  During the 3% of your time, don't make it 100% bible study, they need some other type of activity or conversation with you too.

    Our spouses, I don't know if they completely know what they've done to there family, but I think in the quiet, they know the harm they've done, but they choose their best to push it out of mind, and then fill their minds with their version of the truth that suits them in justifying themselves.

  • Many of the Saints had the same thought, to give up this life to spend eternity with God.  But you have family and kids that would be harmed if you left this life until old age.

  • We did use a little less than 1/3 of the time working on the Bible study. We cooked dinner and just hung out the rest of the time. The girls enjoyed it.

    I can imagine that in our spouses quiet time they seriously question themselves. I believe I am doing the right thing and I constantly question myself.

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