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April 12, 2018

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Yesterday was a fairly easy day. My mind, as usual, was on my wife all day at work but I managed to get through. The only really significant thing that happened was a call from Aleigha. She was whispering and told me that her mother had taken down all pictures of me in our dining room but she found them and put them back up. She said she would let me know what her mom said when she noticed. Then she said she had to go because it sounded like someone was coming in the room. I suppose my wife is trying to erase me from existence. Its another thing to add to the growing list of things she is doing to upset our children. It's parental alienation.

I continue to wonder why my wife can't see the damage being done to the children. How can a person possibly be so blind? How can she text her two oldest kids and ask them to do things with her, get rejected, then tell people that everything is fine. It's broken thinking. How did this happen to her brain? How can the human mind block out reality so well? How can my five year old look at me and say I'm going to come live with you daddy as soon as this is fixed? How can a five year old know something like this is broken?

I also found out from the children that they have to get up at 6am to go to the neighbors house until its time for school because my wife has to leave early for work. Then my mother-in-law stays at the house until 9pm or later some days because my wife seems to be working at least twelve hour days. Our children see me 3.32% of the week and are being raised by neighbors and family. Somehow this is acceptable to the court system. I've repeatedly said that my ethics are far superior to anything the courts can say or do. My wife is mentally harming our children and she is being assisted by the family court. The sad part is that my wife experienced this with me as we went through our CPS hearings. She saw how the system treated us so terribly and now she is using the same system against me. It's unethical and completely wrong.

This morning I prayed for my wife as usual. I prayed for intense conviction and also for God to protect her but show her the truth.

I have been thinking about the divorce laws in this state and country. Some states, such as mine, can award a divorce against the wishes of one party. A person can be forced to get divorced. Is this right? Is the person being forced to get divorced supposed to move on with their life as if nothing happened? Are they supposed to forget the vow they made in front of God to be with that other person for better, for worse, in sickness, in health, for richer, for poorer until death? What if it were the other way around? What if the other person were forced to stay married and uphold their vows? Is there a difference? It seems like someone is going to be unhappy. Right? But one situation fulfills the vow while the other forsakes it. If there are children involved what do they learn? What does society learn? To run away when things get tough? Or make a mature choice to honor your commitment. If a person is forced to stay married do they need to live in a bad marriage? Absolutely not. Get counseling. Work on the marriage. Act like an adult. The decision to force divorce makes no sense and is contradictory to the Bible's message of love. And there's your problem! Society once again ignoring the Bible.

  • A lot of truth about society.  The saying I hate to hear, if it feels good, if it feels right, or if it makes you happy, well then, just do it.

    Or the You can't judge me mentality.  We sure are to judge our brothers' actions to help them conform to God.  Even society should see that, but it doesn't.  Why have laws about murder, etc if we are not to judge.  

  • If, and I think it more like when your wife softens, even if it doesn't mean she reconciles.  When she softens, she will wonder why the kids are so cold to her.  And you will want to scream and say of course they are that way, you abandoned them and hurt the family.  And if you point this out to her she will scoff at it and probably not believe it.

    How does a child see how important a marriage and family is, yet are smart society does not.  

  • God is multiplying your 3.32% to cover her mistakes.   God is somehow using all of this to glorify Him and bring goodness to you and the kids.

  • I met a guy today.  He had no mother.  His dad was a cop in a town known for violence and was killed.

    He had an older brother that was 16.  He was 12 or 14.  the next brother was 8 maybe, and twins that were 4.  maybe there were 6 kids, cant remember.

    they raised themselves, in a small one room under a highway overpass.  

    Today this man was my doctor.  Two of his brothers bought a company that provides a product all of us come in contact with probably everyday and sold the business for 28 million or more.  one brother heads a regional division of the FBI. I forgot what the other kids did, but it was just as impressive as the others.  

    If these boys could do this, our kids have a great potential to have a good future, especially if they look to Christ.  And I am sure yours will.

  • Amen on society ignoring the Bible.  I am praying for your children.  My heart hurts for them.  Take comfort in the fact that God loves them.  And I agree with Tim about that 3% - think about how Jesus fed thousands of people with a couple of pieces of bread and a few fish.  That's what he is doing with your 3%.

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