Collaborate without boundaries

February 11, 2018

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Today was a pretty busy day. I went to church this morning. My wife wouldn't let the children go because I was going. There's nothing I can do about that right now. After church the preacher asked me to go to lunch with him. He asked me how I was doing and I told him not too well since my marriage is almost over. I told him that my attorney said he is going to make my wife look like a terrible mother in court. I don't want that but through this legal process I can't control it. The preacher said my wife said the same thing about her attorney making me look bad in court. He said it brought her to tears. So I don't know why this information came to me but right now I do not trust my wife at all. I don't know if she was being sincere or not. What she has done to me in the last two weeks is terribly painful and I do not feel like she cares at all what happens to me. I just want to get our children and take care of them until she gets the help I think she needs.

  • Your attorney isn't really the one that will make her look bad, she's done that on her own.  And God uses everything for the good for those that love him. So, He can use how your wife will look bad for your good.  IN that maybe you will get more rights concerning the kids than her, and also maybe your wife after hearing out loud  how she has been acting, will come to realize how aweful she has been treating you and the family, that it becomes her will to change for  the better.  

    Have no fear if you will look bad.  Fear is used by evil and not of God.  

    the old her is still in there, thus the tears she had.  When she met with the preacher, she felt Christ, and it affected her.  It's kind of tough to ignore God's will and your sins when talking sincerely with a preacher.

  • I hope so. That could be her breaking point. I know God is working on her as he worked on me for 25 years. I know I need to relax and put everything in His hands. No matter what happens He will work it for good. Thanks Tim.

  • Is there no plan for mediation? I keep hearing you talk about court. It was nearly impossible to mediate with my spouse but most of what we talked about in mediation was documented. I was very lenient and compromising and the judge took that in to great consideration when coming up with a parenting plan for us.

  • I guess that's what our lawyers are doing sfloyd. The problem is that I told my wife months ago when she left that if it comes to this I am not willing to give my kids up 50% of the time because this is not MY choice. MY choice is fix the marriage. If she wants to leave then the kids are not going with her. Now she says to my face she wants to split everything 50/50 but the papers I was served with says she wants everything. My attorney assures me that she is lying to me and says I should not trust her at all because the papers reflect exactly what she would have told her attorney she wants. I am certain that my wife has a mental problem at this point so I cannot let her have our kids.

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