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February 10, 2018

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So today was pretty uneventful. I just hung around my friends house while he was at work. Watched a little basketball and played some Xbox.

Aleigha Facetimed me so she and Allison could talk to me. When she did I noticed my in-laws in the background. (I'm so sick of them being at my house every day) I asked her what they were doing there and she said my wife had to go pick up Becca who went off with her friend to see some boys in another town. My wife caught her by having Trinity look for her on the Find My iPhone app. I texted Becca as soon as I found out and she told me what she did and asked my if I was mad. I told her I was not because she needs to learn from experience. I told her what she did was a bad idea and that she would realize that someday.

When she got home she called me from the house phone and said her mom took her phone for two weeks and grounded her from friends for a month. I didn't think that was very fair because I grounded Nick from electronics and my wife completely ignored that. Becca is a much better kid than Nick and she doesn't normally do things like this. My wife told her she knows she's upset because of what is happening to the family but she still loves her and wants her to act right. Becca told me she could only laugh at that because her mom is giving her relationship advice and can't even keep her own relationship together. What my wife is doing to these kids is pathetic. And she doesn't even realize it.

If only my wife would go to counseling. I think she would see that things aren't the way she thinks they are. But that's wishful thinking because I know how stubborn she is. She'll go to her grave just to prove she is right. I just pray that God gets through to her before that.

  • Eddie, I think in the beginning when you came to this site I mentioned If I remember correctly, that i said I have a hard time responding to your posts.  Well, I am feeling that again.....

    you are right, she will do everythign to prove she is right.  But she knows, even if its just by a sliver, that she is in the wrong.  But as time goes on, she will see completely what she has done.  YOu have pointed out how so many people wish they didn't go through a d.  She will feel that to if things go through.  

    the important thing is, that your hope and faith in Christ remains, and grows.  And I know you will remain in Christ.  this trial may be peaking to the toughest moments right now, but things never stay at the peak.  Prepare for the peace and the comfort God is going to provide when things settle down.

    Despite you

  • not seeing how your wife will settle down or begin gaining some dignity, I think it will happen.  How can she stay at the place she is in long term.  I know this sound old, but remain constant and consistent in your testimony.  She needs it as well as the kids.  

    Seek God's wisdom in the days ahead and His strength as well.  And  be prepared to listen and be lead by the Holy Spirit.  

  • Her breaking point will come.  Be patient in God's timing.  

  • Endurance. Keep sewing. The enemy will always keep trying to destroy. Hang on to God's promise and purpose for you. I wish I could say your wife will wake up one and see what she is doing to the family. She may tomorrow or never...the wait is the hardest part. In times of waiting, God is working mostly on you. Character development and preparation for his plan.

  • Thanks so much guys. I am holding on the best I can. Tomorrow or never. That's the timeframe I am dealing with. So hard. I appreciate your comments so much. It's part of what keeps me going.

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