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February 3, 2018

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After work I headed to my dad's house, which is a couple hours away. I was planning on staying with him all weekend but my attorney called me yesterday and said we need to meet Sunday at 3pm to talk about court Monday morning. So I will meet him and go back to my friends house Sunday night. It took a while to update my dad on everything that is going on. As I was retelling the story I couldn't help but  wonder what in the world is going on in my life. I just can not believe that my life has gotten to the point that my wife, the person I loved so much and devoted my life to, is doing this to me. And also to her children. It just perplexes me. Why is she doing this?

I didn't get an opportunity to talk much to my kids but I did tell them goodnight and that I love them and miss them terribly. I talked to my former foster daughter some. She is 19 now. She was there in our house on May 24, 2016 when my wife beat our son. She was the only witness. She said if it comes down to it she will testify in court on my behalf. I don't ever want to do anything bad to my wife but I feel like it is my responsibility to protect her from herself and to protect our children from her. Her actions against our children in the past are unacceptable but her refusal to apologize and ask forgiveness is worse. Until she does so and gets professional help I cannot let her be around our children and I must do whatever I can to help them. I don't know what she is capable of.

This psychological wall that she has built in her mind cannot stand forever. One day it has to break and when it does I hope she realizes that she needs help. I'll be there. I promise. But, until then I must protect our children.

  • Our flesh when in trials makes a month feel like a year,  a year feel like a decade.  And it's probably going to take some time for her wall to come down.  Don't let your flesh grow weary while waiting for her wall to come down.  

    It can get tough at times waiting, but each time during the tough moments you choose to be still until God comforts you, guides you, or He does what needs done, things will be more than okay.

  • I'm becoming more like that slowly. I'm just scared that its because the love is wearing off. I'm becoming more used to being alone and living without my wife.

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