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February 2, 2018

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After work I asked Caleb if he could gather a few things from me from the house and have one of his friends bring them to me. He did and when his friend Gage  dropped my things off to me he told me that another kid, Hunter, had some information on my stolen Xbox's. He said that last Friday, January 26th, when Nick decided to run away he first went to Hunter's house and Hunter saw him with the Xbox's, a white Xbox One and a white Xbox One S. Nick told Hunter he was taking them to Mason to sell them for $400 to his friend Izael. I have still not heard anything from the police department since I attempted to file a stolen property report with Officer Fisher on 1/31/18 at around 2:00pm. I asked my children if they know if the police have come to talk to Nick about it and they said as far as they know the police have not talked to him. I was told by Officer Fisher that he would call my wife so he could go talk with Nick in front of her since he is a minor and I can't be there because of the domestic violence protection order. I don't feel like the police are taking me seriously.

I went to therapy after work. I told my therapist everything that has happened in the last couple of weeks. He said I am handling everything very well and I need to continue to do exactly what my attorney says and keep my mind focused on what is best for my children. I told him that I was still very confused as to why my wife is even doing all of this and he suggested a few things to me that point in the direction of her having a mental problem that she does not want to deal with.

A little while later I got an automated call from the school informing me that Nick was absent for the second day in a row. I asked my kids if they knew why and they said they didn't know anything. When I checked his grades online it showed that his GPA has dropped to a .43 and he is failing four of the five core classes.

Then at 7:25pm Becca called and talked to me for 1 hour 19 minutes. She had been sending me pictures of houses for sale in our town all day and told me she wants me to just buy another house and take her and Caleb and whatever other kids will come and leave everything behind. She said she does not want to stay in our house because there are too many bad memories there. I told her I have to wait and do whatever my attorney advises me to do.

This morning Trinity called me at 7:58am. She said she was staying home because she was sick. She said my wife told her she needed to go to school because she was making her look bad. Trinity said she told her she can't go to school because she feels too sick and Trinity is not the kind of person to lie about something like that. Trinity does well in school and has very good attendance.

Then Trinity told me that when everyone got up this morning Nick wasn't in the house. She said he had either went to school early or sneaked out to a friend's house. I told her I doubt he went to school early since he missed the two previous days of school and was also not in the house yesterday morning when they all woke up.  She said Amber was also talking about me last night concerning her father, Bryan, blaming me for the disconnect that has happened between them. I told Trinity that love is stronger than hate and no matter what, I love her and Amber, and I always will. I told Trinity that I am going to continue to do the best I can to be the best father and husband possible.

Trinity also told me that Amber and her mother plan to take Nick back to Mason, the town he ran away to, in order to pick up his clothes he took with him when he ran away. Nick had nothing on him when I picked him up and told the police there that he didn't take anything with him. I told Trinity that I did not want Nick to have any contact with those people. Last Sunday when I picked Nick up from the Mason police station I told him and all the other kids with us that he was not permitted to have or use any electronic devices in order to contact these people. Trinity said Amber called the Mason police in order to arrange something to pick up his clothes but I do not know the details of this.

Trinity also told me that their Grandma Jean has been letting Nick use her phone to contact these people in Mason and he took the Xbox 360 that was in her room and is using it to possibly contact them also. I have told my mother-in-law repeatedly that she has to stop enabling Nick. She lets him do whatever he wants and constantly rewards his bad behavior with things that I tell her not to do such as bake him brownies and buy him gallons of chocolate milk when I have specifically told her not to. My in-laws have constantly interfered with my marriage, telling my wife that her actions are acceptable even though they go against our religion. They also interfere with my parenting, telling my children that I am using the Bible as a weapon and that the Bible is an irrelevant story book that does not apply to today because it is 2000 years old.

I am trying to be the very best father and husband that I can to spite all of this opposition. It is difficult but by the grace of God I am making it one day at a time.

  • The kids see Christ in you.  They see the world in their mother and her parents.  This may confuse them but, kids' consciences haven't had as much time as ours to be dulled and desensitized by the world.  So, they see or sense what is good vs bad.  The kids intuitively know what is right and wrong.  God gives us a moral compass and the kids' compasses haven't been chipped away so much that they don't see the wrong in their mother and grandparents.

  • They may not be mature enough to be able to choose the right path consistently right now, but you are setting the right foundation for them.  Pray they choose to use their free will to meet God's free will.

    The son that's running away, sometimes these are the kids that eventually break down at their lowest and then have nowhere else to go but to God.  It may take years to get to that point, maybe decades, and maybe only a short time.  You may have to protect your family from him but that doesn't mean God isn't working in him as well.

  • I am sure this child and your wife will battle Christ for some time, but as you well know, love wins.  

    You have so much going "wrong" around you.  Yet, Christ's light is shining brightly in you.  

    Why else would your in laws have to mock a 2000 year old book?  

  • My therapist reminds me constantly that Love is more powerful than Hate.

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