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R2 Day 26 Love is Responsible- Done

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This morning I apologized to my wife for some things I could think of. I told her over the years I've let my pride get in the way of our lives. I told her I have been training myself to ignore those prideful feelings and lead my heart instead of following it. I added that there is no excuse for the way I've talked to her in the past and there was no excuse for it. I was simply wrong. I told her I ignored her way too much because of my arrogance that I thought I was better than her but I'm not. Lastly I told her I took advantage of her being there for me when I should have been there for her also.

The rest of the day was terrible. Our son ran away yesterday. He has been missing now for 30 hours. I have called 911 five times, spent all day driving around looking for him and registered him with the national missing children hotline. Meanwhile my wife said she was exhausted last night and went to bed early. I barely slept. Then she went to work while I was looking. She called me a few times and wanted to talk about how important her new job is and although normally I would care I'm more concerned about our missing son right now. I guess she is dealing with it in her own way but I just don't get it. Then this evening she immediately starts on me for not keeping her up to date with what I am doing. I've been worried all day trying to find him and she's asking me why the kids didn't do their chores and telling me the house is a mess. She has to have a mental problem. I just don't know what to do bout anything.

  • For what this is worth.  It sounds like you haven't gotten much sleep for some time now.  jFor me when I am tired and sometimes dont even realize it, i can begin making terrible decisions and start to follow my emotions instead of leading my heart.  So, be cautious of making any decisions about how to act toward her while you are tired.

    I'm keeping your son in prayer.

  • I think our spouses see when we are more vulnerable, such as you worried about your son, and choose to attack us during these times.  Kind of like in the wild, the sick, hurt, or old get attacked.  

    Even though you are in the right much of the times she attacks, just apologize.  It's harder to attack when someone says they are sorry.

    As she is vindictive God just uses that to bring her additional conviction.

    Keep being patient and kind.  

    Maybe send her a text when you go out looking for him.  Or let her know you just called 911 and what they said.  Maybe during these times she says you are not filling her in, text her every several hours letting her know what you are doing.

  • Maybe that is getting in her space, and doing more than a dare a day.  Maybe let her know you can update her now and then via text or phone call while she s working if she likes.  

    in prayer, see what may be revealed to you.

    Yes, our spouses can make things tough to know what they want or dont want.  And that can change moment to moment.

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