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R2 Day 25 Love Forgives- Done

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After work I went to my bi-weekly Bible study and didn't get home until 9:00. I always leave that study feeling refreshed and ready to face anything in the world. When I got home my 10 year old was waiting for me and ended up going to bed with me. Again because her mother sleeps in her room and she doesn't want to be around her mother right now. My 17 year old son came and talked to me for about 30 minutes before he went to bed. Mostly about his younger brother and how much trouble he is getting into- telling me things that are going on in school and on his Snapchat. Then I went to sleep and got a good nights rest for the first time in four days.

There was not one word spoken to or by my wife today. I decided to give her 100% to God. Nothing I say will matter so I will live as Godly as possible while He works on her.

I'm afraid she's going to be really upset when she sees my response to her d papers, which my attorney said she would receive today or Monday. I'm asking for everything and I mean everything. I'm going to do what I can to lead my family in the right direction. I want her to be a part of that but as long as she is not willing to do that I'm not willing let her take the kids down that road with her. This is her choice not mine and there's no reason for it so I will not agree to any of her demands. My demand is work on the marriage. Hers is split everything 50/50. There can be no compromise. She says I'm trying to manipulate her into going along with my demand. I' m not sure how she doesn't think her demand carries the same weight.

This morning before I left for work I left a post it in front of the coffee pot that said "I forgive everything. Past, preset and future. Please do the same for me." So the dare was attempted. After reading todays dare I realized I did too much on that by mistake since today's dare is to ask for forgiveness.

  • Keep going to the bible and prayer when you need to feel that refreshed feeling.  

    i am thankfully very ignorant on what happens when papers are filed and how things split up after a d.  But if you do get the kids 100%, are you thinking of keeping her from seeing the kids?  And taking all the assets?  Would leaving her completely broke and destitute be of Christ?  Since we are called to help the poor.

    Don't worry about responding.  And remember I have no idea what I am really talking about after a d happens.

    And also remember to have no expectations that a d will still happen.

  • I don't know what will happen. I don't want anything negative to happen but I have to protect the children and it's a fact that she has beaten our children and refuses to admit it or get help for it. I'm so confused on what to do.

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