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R2 Day 21 Day Love is Satisfied in God- Done

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I read through Proverbs in the first round so I decided to start on the Psalms this time. I spent a lot of time on the 1st Psalm and some on the 2nd. The first Psalm was really tough on me because it talks so strongly about staying away from the wicked people of the world and associating only with the Godly. There are many people I have to cut out of my life and that includes my in-laws. They are good people but they are non-believers. I was talking to my mother-in-law about God one day and she would not acknowledge Him. She said she does, however, believe in a higher power but I can't let my children be influenced by anyone who does not believe in Jesus Christ. And the fact that she told my children that divorce is ok if it makes a person happy is absolutely wrong and I cannot allow that. I have to defend marriage to my children.

As I was typing this it came to me that I'm looking at this all wrong. So I sent my mother-in-law a text inviting her to church next Sunday.

  • It's tough knowing how to distance or how much distance to put between us and the people following the world.  Jesus came for those people.  And we are to be a witness to them.  But be cautious of their influence.  

  • Yea, sometimes its hard to tell what or who to cut out from your life. I had been dating my husband for almost 2 years when the conversation came up. We almost didn't get married bc our beliefs were so different. I prayed for his soul almost everyday and twice on Sundays for over 5 years. He now goes to church with me! So, I don't think you should cut them out of your life like you said, but be a stronger witness. It was really hard for me at times bc we were hanging out with my atheist cousins for so long and my husband really looked up to them and even their beliefs. Its also hard not to come across as pushy or judgmental when explaining your religion and beliefs. A lot of times I felt like the outsider, like they thought I was an idiot for believing in a "mystical power." I just always took a deep breath and prayed harder. I prayed for my marriage and peace within my family; that God would find a way to become present in all of our hearts. The cousins ended up moving to another state a few months later and my husband asked me to church! BELIEVE in the power of prayer.

    Your children are going to encounter people, even influential people, in the lives that do not believe. Keep up the good in teaching and showing them the right path.

  • Thanks so much. I have been thinking since I posted this that I may be looking at it all wrong. Being in the midst of unbelievers is an opportunity to testify. My mother in law said she may take me up on the church invitation. Hopefully something comes of that.

    I have been reading a lot about atheism and it seems that it actually takes more belief in "mystical power" to be an atheist than it does to be a Christian. Starting with the creation of the universe. You have to believe that matter created itself, which the science that athiests so strongly hold to, says is impossible. I don't have that kind of faith. LOL

  • Yep. Athiest have faith......a faith that there is no Good.  But we have faith and hope...they have nothing they can have hope in.

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