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R2 Day 20 Love is Jesus Christ- Done

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I live my life everyday for Jesus. My problem is that the flesh takes over far too often. I don't yell or get physical or angry, which I would have done a couple years ago, but I say things that come out as negative although I don't intend them that way. I am confident that when God looks at my heart he sees a pure heart with pure intentions but as a sinner I make many mistakes. And every one of these mistakes is blown way out of proportion by my wife. From a statement she made to me yesterday that if she were to "come back" to me she knows that I would revert back to the same way I "used to be." I don't think that is possible because my commitment to Jesus Christ has been unbreakable since I was baptized on 5/14/17. I do know that reverting back is the biggest thing on the minds of a spouse in this situation. I understand that completely but when the spouse is running away I don't know how it is possible to convince them otherwise.

Love is Jesus Christ and I belong to Him. I will continue to read His word everyday as long as I live.

  • Worry not about you doing the work and fixing things.  That's God's job.  Your job is is to shine the light of Christ as you continue to grow in this journey.  

    As you let go and let God peace will come.

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