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R2 Day 12 Love Lets the Other Win- Done

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I told my wife earlier in the day that I wanted to watch a family movie because we haven't done that in a long time. But I told her that we could do anything she wants, that her preference is first. She agreed to watch a movie even when I insisted that she have complete control over the evening. I bought the movie "God's Not Dead" at Wal-mart and at the last minute she said we could watch a different movie and let the kids choose because the kids were complaining about watching another "Jesus" movie. I told her that I just bought the movie and I wanted the kids to watch a spiritual movie because it's my job to be the spiritual leader of the family.

After thinking about that decision I realize I completely took all control from her and did what I wanted to do. I need to continue to strive to give up control. I also had the kids make a list of fast food they wanted and ended up going to four different places to get everyone what they wanted. My wife didn't want anything except a Gatorade so that's what I got her.

We watched the movie, which I thought was very good, and then everyone left and went to their own rooms without any discussion. I thanked the kids for taking time to watch the movie and spend family time together. They mostly complained and I told them next time someone else can pick the movie but I just wanted to spend some family time together since it had been a while since we have done that.

My wife didn't say anything. She just went to our daughters room and went to sleep.

  • It's good that you noticed that you took away the control from your wife. Did you apologize to her for it? We are all going to fall short at times. All we can do is recognize when we do, ask God and our spouses for forgiveness, and earnestly attempt not to repeat the behavior.

  • I have not apologized. I will do that tonight. I really need to work on this control issue. I think I have it beat then something like this comes up. Uggg

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