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R2 Day 10 Love is Unconditional

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I didn't have time to do much yesterday. I got home from work and talked to the kids a little about their day then got ready for church. My wife said she was not feeling well and wasn't going to go to church. It seems she may be coming down with the flu. She said she is going to get tested today.

I had a doctors appointment and I was excited to talk to the nurse practitioner because a little over a year ago she is the one who stepped outside of her profession and told me I need to go to church. When she did she said "I may lose my job for this but I think you need God." I though about that for months and will never forget that she did that. That was the start of a turning point for me. It got me thinking about my soul. She was excited during the checkup because I am in perfect health and have lost 25 pounds because I feel better about myself now. I am exercising and eating much better. I told her I am in a great place with Christ and life is good except for the marriage issue. She said hang in there because God is using me right now to show His glory. She is also the one who told me to watch Fireproof which led me to The Love Dare. This time she suggested I watch God's Not Dead and Do You Believe? so I will be making plans to watch them soon.

Church was really good. Our men's group on Wednesdays is reading a book called "A Faith Built on Sand" by Phil Sanders. It prompts a lot of discussion and we learn a lot from each other. My kids argued with me about going to church. There was an event going on at the high school that they wanted to go to instead and I said no. They wanted a reason and I said because church is the most important thing you will do in your life.

As far as doing the dare, my wife texted me and asked for a Gatorade and said she had taken the last of the ibuprofen. I took the kids to eat after church I then stopped and got her a Gatorade and some ibuprofen. I didn't realize how expensive medicine is because I rarely ever take it. Since we have split our finances and bills I have to be careful what I spend and that was quite a lot to me to be spending for something I won't be using. She was asleep in our daughters bed when I got home so I laid the Gatorade and ibuprofen down on the bed without waking her. Later she came downstairs and asked if I got her a Gatorade and I said it was laying on the bed beside her because I didn't want to wake her and she said ok. I wanted to tell her that I would hold her and comfort her if she wanted but I know she is not ready for that so I bit my tongue. It hurts me that she is sick and there is nothing I can do for her physically.

I told the kids to be in bed and quiet by 10:00 to honor her. Then I went to bed and read some more in Matthew and another book I am reading before I went to sleep.

This morning I texted her and said I hope she feels better and invited her to my Bible study tonight. Since I get up earlier than everyone else and leave for work I don't get a chance to greet her in the mornings so I guess I should text her a greeting each morning. Day 9 talks about how important a greeting is and I don't want to miss out on that.

  • Wow, how cool she risked her job for your soul.  May God bless her for sharing so much.  And know you can and will do the same for  others, even if you never realize it.  Having the kids go to bed by 10 to honor her was good.

    I heard in church something like, cant remember the numbers, but the kids have so much higher of a chance when the dad goes to church to do so later in life compared to when just the mother goes to church.  so you are doing a huge service to your kids by going.  Mothers, do not be discrouraged in this.  I don[t think my dad's dad ever went to church, but my dad never missed a Sunday taking us to church when we were kids.   So it was my dad's mother that instilled church in him.  

  • You must surely be making margin in your life.  That's great.  You seem to  be able to fit in a lot of reading, studying, church, and family time in.  Impressive.  

    I know it always seems like I go against what you or others say, or play opposites of what you say.  I am not saying I am right but feel the need to share what  comes to mind. So, always pray about what I say before you choose to consider it.

  • As far as greeting her, yes, when you see her always greet her kindly.  but I would not text her greetings on the mornings you don't see her.  Wait till you see her after work..  She won't see the morning text as necessarily you greeting her and may look at it as, Oh brother, he's always texting me and getting in my space.

    Maybe she is at a point where texts are not getting in her space, I do not know.  But it is better to be cautious and be still  and do nothing than to over do it.  But maybe you have a firm idea of how she would feel receiving the greeting texts.  

  • I know you are looking at greeting her as text as keeping in the dares, but to me, texts often are doing more than a dare a day, if this make sense.  

  • Let us know how the Do you believe movie is.  I had not heard of that one.  

  • I always appreciate and consider your advice and all others on here. It is a tremendous help to have an outside source of criticism (good and bad).

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