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R2 Day 6 Love is not Irritable- Done

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I had to think and think about this one, this time. What I have done in the past few months is read and read, including a lot of the Bible. I'm getting overwhelmed with the different books I have so I decided to slow down on the reading and focus on telling my wife more about my day and add that I love her, more often than I have been.

My motivation has been to get my wife back. I DO want my wife back but that motivation has slowly evolved into something different but there is still that desire. I need to step back and let God work in her life while I let Him work in mine. He can do things that seem impossible to me. I need to stop trying to do God's job and just let Him work through me instead.

  • Your post reminds me of one of the lesson i learned at church on Sunday. We have been studying Genesis, and we are looking at Genesis 22:1-19, when God tests Abraham. The main point was that when God is testing us, he's not punishing us, but diagnosing us for OUR SAKE. He is revealing something to us. During this trial, I believe that God has been revealing that I was putting my husband before God. I don't believe my husband will come back until I am able to put God first, during the good and bad times.

    I've also had to deal with control. I've realized that I was never in control, I was just deceiving myself into thinking that I was.

  • Thank you. I realized a few months ago that I have been putting my wife above God. That's what I am working on. I want to put Him first in everything and at the same time provide Godly love for my wife. I still need to spiritually lead her the best I can but leave her to God.

  • YOu have discovered why the second round is different than the first round of dares.  The first round usually is more focused on winning our spouse back.  the second round more for God.  

    I am not saying you are right or wrong in focusing more on your wife and telling her about your day and saying you love her more often.  But, so often, those are the things we do to try to win them back vs leaving it in God's hands.  

    But if you have been so focused in the books and reading, and put books above her, then maybe you do need to spend more time focused on greeting her, etc.  

    i can be way off base, but the good news is you are seeing a new motivation.

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